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Is that a knife!?

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  • Is that a knife!?

    I was at our office doing some training. I had gotten a new laptop case and the tag was held on with one of those cheesy zip ties. My female coworker began searching for a pair of scissors. In the meantime I took out my 3" pocket knife and cut the zip tie . My coworker looked at me and said "Is that a knife?" She had such a look of shock and horror on her face I could not help but reply, "UH YEAH"!

    I read a news article some time ago. A car was turned on it's side with a mother trapped in the front seat and a young child trapped in the back seat. 3 local men kicked out the back window and got to the victims. But, they could not get the seatbelts undone and noone had a knife, I repeat 3 grown men and not one of them had a knife. The car was on fire and the fire was spreading where the woman was trapped. One of the men ran home and got a steak knife and they managed to free the victims, but only after the woman suffered 3rd degree burns and the child was burned superficially.


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    I ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE KNIFE IN HAND people who don't live in the real world will be the first to go that woman you just described is a sheeple by the sound of it. i was at school yesterday we were all excited about deer season me and two other men were talking and this female dog (nicely put)started ripping us new ones telling us how hunting was cruel and well you get the jest made me so made i made her disect the sheeps brain ha revenge is wonderful
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      Hahaha.....Its a brave new world, or maybe the other way around........


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        My Dad always said a that there's two things that a man should always keep in his pockets a pencil(pen) and a knife. To this day those are two of the three things I keep in or around my pockets the third is my 1911a1


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          No one should ever be without a knife on their person at any time, EVER ! I have said this before somewhere on this forum,but I'll say it again I prefer an automatic/switchblade, I fish a lot and sometimes I need to cut some line or whatever and it's not feasible to put it down to be able to manually open a regular pocket type knife so I carry a switchblade at all times. In a situation like nakadnu described even if the person in the crash did have a knife they may have been in a position not to be able to have two hands to open the knife, being that they were turned on their side. And yes I have plenty of straight knives but I just prefer to carry the type of knife that I do. I have convinced my wife that she needed to carry one but could not talk her into an automatic, she opted to take my yellow handled two bladed Case XX Trapper ............ it doesn't clash with her wardrobe.
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            That's one of the reasons I always carry a swiss army knife, It looks less threatening so it won't scare the sheeple


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              I have not 1 but 2 emergency flashlights in my car. This niftly little flashlight has some wonderful features, such as a safety belt cutter, window smashing edge, emergency red lights that blink on the side, and a flashlight on the front. They were on clearance through ABC distributing and I got one for each member of my family and one for each of our cars. Needless to say, my siblings don't even use them. One threw it away. I was able to get back one from another sibling that just had it stored in the kitchen drawer... It is small, too. I store it beside my seat between the seat and console. Where I can reach it even if the seat belt is tight.


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                It is sad how unprepared most sheeple are, lately I have gotten quite lax, i no longer carry a multi-tool or even a lighter but I always have my knife.
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                  Originally posted by nakadnu View Post
                  My coworker looked at me and said "Is that a knife?" She had such a look of shock and horror on her face I could not help but reply, "UH YEAH"!
                  I did that at work once and got the same stupid scared look from a coworker. Since then when I take my knife out I always open it slowly with both hands. I get a lot less looks then quickly flicking it open with my thumb.


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                    It is strange how detached from reality people have become in the past while. Pathetic really :(
                    I have always carried and always will carry at least one blade everywhere I go. Other than maybe if I ever have to set foot in a court building (God forbid) you can rest assured that theres a blade on me somewhere. In my cellphone case I keep a little 2" folder and I almost always carry my 4" Voyager in my pocket. If I am carrying my ready-pack, as I always do then I also have a KaBar BK2 and 2 different Leatherman multi-tools available as well, not to mention the 1911 and extra mags that are in there in case the job demands it LOL!


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                      Skyowl and I had been camping. I cleaned the last few items off the table as we were packing up to go home. His buck knife was on the table and I threw it in my purse (he was wearing a K-bar).

                      Next day I had to travel to the East coast for work. He took me to the airport at 0500 and I got on my plane and went to Maryland. When I got my suitcase from the carousel, I noticed that it was cable-tied shut, a sure sign that the nazi's had picked it to fondle my underwear or whatever they do when the inspect a suitcase. I got to the hotel and realized I probably couldn't get the cable tie off, since they disarm us. I dumped my purse out on the bed to see if I had ANYTHING sharp before traipsing back to the front desk to beg a pair of scissors.

                      The first thing that fell out was a 4" folded buck knife. I sat on the bed and laughed - that purse had gone through the airport security x-ray machine. I could open my suitcase!

                      Don't you feel all safe and warm?
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                        P.S. Is THAT a knife???

                        Click image for larger version

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                          All I can think to say is WHY!
                          Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
                          P.S. Is THAT a knife???

                          SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE


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                            Originally posted by nakadnu View Post
                            All I can think to say is WHY!
                            Good question! That, I am told, was actually a Swiss Army Knife. It says it's 9" wide, had like 85 tools and weighed 2 lbs. Good grief!

                            Found it on Cracked! - they run a "things you'd swear are photo-shopped but aren't" series of threads (it's #11 on this page ). Saw this "knife" there and thought of it when I saw this thread.
                            "If Howdy Doody runs against him, I'm voting for the puppet." - SkyOwl's Wife, 2012


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                              I'm guessing that accident happened north of where I live...

                              We had a "discussion" about this at my old job a while back. One of my bosses and I both pulled out our ever-present folding knives to help a coworker with something, at which point she loudly proclaimed that we should not have "weapons" at work, to which we replied (almost in unison) "This is not a weapon, it's a tool." She was huffy and argumentative about it, but was out ranked by my boss and eventually sat down and dropped it. If she had not been a contractor i think it might have gone to HR. I am always amazed that the "violent" people with the "weapons" are usually the ones making the polite logical arguments, while out detractors are usually the ones being rude and aggressive.

                              We laughed later that we should have shown her his G17 and my P14, if she wanted to see what weapons we had. Of course, we could make a "tool" argument for those as well I guess.