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  • Survivalist paranoia

    You want to talk about surviving? Living off the grid is fine and dandy if you're looking for a place to go when riots are starting in the streets, but I add a little simple paranoia to the mix.

    In the case of riots, the only place that is safe is honestly your own home. If you leave, you open your home up to those who would have what you've got. Defend, defend, defend.

    In the case of government takeover/martial law, a BOL is a good idea, however, you should leave no tracks when you go. If you've purchased 46 acres of wooded land, built a three room cabin, had a well dug, installed solar panels, and had wiring and plumbing done, you've also involved the government in EVERYTHING you've just done, so they know where you are.

    In the case of EMP (electromagnetic Pulse) bombs, nothing electronic that had been operating or had power applied to it will function. I drive a 1961 Ford Falcon, which is void of all computer-related gismos. The best vehicle would be a pre-1976 Diesel powered truck. A diesel engine will run as long as there is fuel and air, and the bed of the truck can be used for hundreds of purposes, not just hauling stuff. Push comes to shove, unbolt the thing, flip it over, and use it as shelter.

    Also, I believe it's best to remain solitary, or with nobody other than your own family for the simple fact that in a situation as described above, people, no matter how close a friend they are, will revert to natural instinct which is to beg borrow and steal their way to survival. I refer you to the way people grew to be during gold rush times.

    I am prepared to leave society at the drop of a hat, leaving behind everything that is not a necessity, and not looking back.
    "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden