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  • heres one for ya

    tweenty three kids in my group all six year olds fifteen adults 15 tents all have sleeping bags 3 trucks 2 jeeps 4 2 wheel drive suvs6 cars an extra days worth of foods plenty of water 60 miles to nearest big town while listening to the radio this morning all hell broke loose no channels broadcasting the sound of faint explosions air craft helicopters no cell phone service the cb is dead nobody else in the park i built the scenairo deal with it
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    CBs don't work, cell phones don't work, and no radio broadcast. Means an EMP went off, which also means a majority of your 15 vehicles won't work either. If your area is good, I would work my way deeper into the woods. Set up base camp, (dry, no fires no lights). Once it starts to quite down, I would send a "recon" team out to check things out. But I definitely would stay put unless something or someones make us move.
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      I would round up my family first. Then barricade the house and arm the wife and kids. Make ready to run if need be.