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Deer Hunting

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  • Deer Hunting

    Man I was watching several of the 200 deer hunting shows on Versus. Makes me wonder if they know how to hunt anymore. Take away their GPSs and electronic gizmos and these fools wouldn't know a deer from a rat lol!!!!
    Last edited by Survivorman; 09-18-2010, 07:15 PM.

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    This is a good example of how dependant people are becoming on modern technology. Even bow hunters who are seen as using a primitive means to hunt are dependant on modern technology. Todays compound bows are nothing more than a silenced "gun" that shoots arrows with their sights and releases etc.


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      back in the early 80's I shot a small doe about 125 lbs. as I was going home I got stopped at a deer check point I live in N.H. ,if the conservation off. saw a deer he'd wave u over and ask u if ud mind letting the biologist take samples of ur deer for the deer kill info such as how old the deer was and etc. while I was there a couple of guys from Mass. pulled in with (now get this ) with some farmers goat tied to the back of their car.Needless to say the conservation off. blew a gasket meanwhile the rest of the hunters including me were rolling on the ground laughing our asses off which probably didn't make the officer any happier, the guys got like a $1000 each and lost their lic in N.H. for 3 yrs. and had to pay restitution to the farmer sometimes the flat landers just don't get it you'd think that sometime in their lives they'd have seen a picture of a goat and a deer, they don't look that much like a deer with a baaaa baaa here and a baaa baaaaa there and those curly horns should been a certain give away LOL Bambam55


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        That is hilarious!! Thank you for the laugh today. I bet it was fun to watch, wish I coulda been there. :p


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          I can see your point and agree on alot of what you say. I shoot both compounds and recurves, however I don't use store bought scent controls, range finders or other uneeded items.

          As far as a compound goes I like it's ability to be VERY accurate and efficient. It is still a challenge to shoot compared to a rifle anyday, but anyone that doesn't hunt with one wouldn't know that.

          I can tell you right now that if a person starts out with a combound bow and learns to shoot it PROPPERLY you will be on your way to becoming a much better shot with a rifle! Why? Because in order to shoot a bow effectively and accurately you have to use propper breathing control, have propper form and and when using a release know propper trigger control. Triggers are not meant to be punched on a rifle or an archery release! The fact is a firearm or bow using a trigger release should surprise you when fired. The trigger shouldn't even be part of the thought process it should be automatic.

          So in short, owning a new compound will not make you a good shot. It comes down to form and numerous other things. Archery, no matter whether it's a compound or recurve/stickbow is a mental game.

          I hunt and compete with the compound and can tell you right now the bow is not a silenced rifle, it takes alot more skill to master! Along with shooting you must also be able to judge distance WITHOUT a range finder. Miss judge your yardage by just 3 yards and you will loose a competition in a heart beat!


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            on most of those tv shows they should call it shooting and not hunting. This year during all of our hunting seasons I saw a total of 3 deer and none that I could get a shot on. Half of the shows you can hear the feeders runing in the back ground.