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Ranges in Charlotte/Metro

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  • Ranges in Charlotte/Metro

    I was wondering if my fellow North Carolinians can inform me as to the various ranges around here. Unfortunately I do not know anyone with a large pasture or backstop. I currently go to Uwahrrie. I'm looking for somewhere that doesn't mind me drawing from a holster, after action drills, or multiple targets. I find that I don't practice much because it is such a hassle to load up and drive an hour plus to go to the range and then an hour plus back. Any ideas.

    Also, two things I'm looking to get started in and need advice/assistance.

    1. Reloading- I'm looking to get into reloading as part of survivalism and just to save money because I like to shoot. I want to reload for a .40, 12 gauge, and a 7.62. Anyone know of good texts and websites to frequent for this topic.

    2. Hunting- I grew up in a family without guns and as such never went as a kid. I'd like to go now, for either fowl or deer. I'm not currently close to anyone in the area who hunts either. Where does one start if they want to get into this hobby/skill set?

    I thank you all in advance for any help or advice.:o

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    Ahh Uwharrie... used to love to go there. Had several S&P campouts over the years. Nice place, but the range can fill up with idiots rather quickly:(

    Luckily I have my own place to do so, but there is an indoor shooting range planned in Lincolnton, NC, but no word on when it opens...

    There is one in South Western Catawba county, but the want to much info on applicants ( IMHO.

    As for reloading this is a pretty good book to get you started: and I like the RCBS RockChucker kit add your dies for the calibers you reload and you are good to go... The RCBS kit comes with a manual to give you some starter loads to work from.

    Of course progressive reloaders are faster and more expensive, but you can reload faster. Some friends coming over and helping could give you quick results as well. Dillion has some good reloading presses

    As for beginning to hunt, a hunt club may be a good way to get in some experience or not as some folks are very possessive over their BUCKS:D Make friends with the local farmers who regard deer as PESTS and if they allow you to go hunting on THEIR land, don't screw it up by inviting your BUDDIES. I can't tell you how many times people want to hunt on our land, and we let them in the past. First time or two, it is just them, then they want to bring a whole bunch of folks in. Also we asked them to notify us when they were coming and what time, where they could hunt and where they could park. Most were disrespectful of our wishes and they no longer hunt here. Don't piss off the guy who lets you hunt on his land:eek:

    I'd suggest Uwharrie as public land to hunt on, but them SOB's get CRAZY during deer season there:(

    Sitting in a deer stand is EASY, knowing where to put it where the deer are requires scouting the area and placing the deer stand up WAY before opening day. A game camera works well for this. Takes pictures, gives you time and lets you pick your buck or at least let you know if you are in the right area... Of course game cameras also have other uses as well;)

    Thats about all I can tell you about hunting, but it is as simple as you want it to be or as complex... your choice


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