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  • Support Hilary

    Make no mistake Hillary will be running in 2012 so we must support her to beat-out Obamma for the first 6 months
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    Sorry, but I have to disagree with you on Hillary. She may run but there is NO WAY I would vote for her. She is part of the problem now. She was involved in all of that White Water mess, and that first Savings and Loan fiasco that this stupid federal government bailed out back then.

    Furthermore, slick Willie and her are both involved in all of this CIA drug operation where CIA planes were bringing in loads of dope into Mena, Arkansas and it is still going on, to destroy our kids with and the Bush's are involved in it all also. And the lovely Queen of England, and many many more indeed.

    So it pays to start finding out more about these peoples, cause we just keep getting more crooks put into offices, and are given no real good candidates to vote for really.

    I want a Constitutionalist or Liberteranian or Independant. All of this party crap is for the birds any more because both of the two major parties are crooked.

    First we need to work on the State governments and get them cleaned out if possible, then work on the federal level. Cause what most don't know and realize is that IF the dang State governments were doing their jobs right to begin with, we wouldn't have this mess in DC now. State governments are supposed to have more power and authority, not this federal government. It was formed with only limited Constitutional authority period. If the State levels were cleaned out and get rid of these dang liberals, they could really clean out this federal level and get it back to operating within Constitutional limits period. Problem is there is too much greed going on and this has to be addressed first on the State levels of governments in all States.



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      I gotta agree with brightstar.

      We need to stop voting for these tax and spend, bigger government, Robin Hood candidates.

      I just wish more people would think like us! :)


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        I did not say vote for her and with her current performance it pains me to suggest that she is "better" on any level than Obamma. What I actualy want to accomplish is to split the Demoncrats and weaken thier party.
        As for the Queen Mother being involved in drug trafficing We can say without equivication that We have never had anything to do with illicit drugs!
        The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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          You have got to be kidding! :eek: Hilary is the same as Obama, except female and more experienced. We need an entirely different type of candidate, and people should not vote along party lines.
          I understand it's a case of you believing that she is better than Obama, but that's one of the reason we got into some of the government trouble we are in. People vote with "better the devil we know" type of thinking. We need to break away from that and try for something completely about the 25 year old who has NEVER been in government and merely wants to see our Constitution work the way it should? How about the housewife who is sick of having to vote for the same old "good ole boy"? How about YOU? If you have strong feelings about politics, how about starting a gressroots movement in your area to find someone who is not "old guard"?
          Sticking with the "same old, same old" is most definetely NOT the answer.


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            I'll be voting Libertarian just like I have all along.


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              Originally posted by barkingowl View Post
              I'll be voting Libertarian just like I have all along.
              I agree, we most definitely need different types of peoples holding elected offices on federal and state levels.

              Go check out this site:

              This has a couple of really good articles regarding several of the Constitutional amendments which everyone should be aware of. This is a prime example of the corruption, deceit and fraud that has gone on on the federal levels and WHY lawyers, attorneys, esquires were NOT to hold public office and yet look who holds the majority of these elected offices today, LAWYERS, and boy have they screwed things up terribly for their own greedy agendas. And Hillary was a lawyer also. And look at all of the corruption she has been involved in and probably still is.

              But when constitutional amendments can be done as what this site shows on the 13, 14, 16, 17 then personally I think every constitutional amendment that was done from probably around 1913 should be removed and get back to the original one that the Founding Fathers did and clean out all government areas and add a couple of words, at least one regarding the federal level, the word explicity meaning ONLY this period and NO MORE period of levels of authority. This is mainly why our country has been nearly destroyedand fix it so no President can make Executive orders or sign treaties with foreign countries.

              After you read the Federalist Papers, the anti-Federalist Papers and various others you then see why the Founders were so afraid of certain things and why they made this country a Constitutional REPUBLIC period. Evils exist in humans and if it is not checked exactly and explicity, then they will ursurp all that can be ursurped when they get into positions of power.

              The Federal Reserve is NOT a department of the Federal Government period. It is a privately owned enterprise owned by bankers, companies and international bankers and is under a Trust from one of the US Possessions, the same with the IRS/BATF and they are actually illegal and should not be operating in America period.

              Then you read the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Adams when he became president tried the first thing to ursurp the Constitutionthen but Thomas Jefferson and James Madison got him stopped period. State governments are supposed to have more power than the Federal government, not like it has become today and unapportiond taxation is illegal without representation, and all the fears of the Founders have now happened unfortunately and we are now all paying for not being more vigilent.



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                What difference does it make if you vote? The electoral college makes the final descision anyway.

                After watching a show on the History channel about some of our previous presidents, Benjamin Harrison received 100,000 fewer popular votes than Grover Cleveland, but won the presidency through the electoral college by a margin of 233 to 168. (Reference:

                Because of our electoral college, it no longer matters who the people want as their leader. We need to remove the electoral college in order to obtain a true, realistic vote of presidency. I don't vote because of that.
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