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Could you pull the trigger first?

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  • Could you pull the trigger first?

    I was talking with some of the guys at work the other day, and we got on to the subject of the abuse of Government. Of course that led to conversation of revolt.

    Well I posed the question to the guy that is most hard-lined "We should be revolting now" guy at the table, and I asked him so as soon as it is obvious that the government is giving us the big screw you will you stand up and attack? He said to me "No, I would not stand up and fire that first shot but I would follow the first guy."

    This conversation threw up a red flag for me because I thought the same type of thing. I am just wondering do you think that we as Americans have the guts to go into a full revolt when things get real bad?

    I tend to see a lot of followers but not so many leaders anymore, at least from where I am looking from.

    My main question is; do you see from where you are that we could come back against an Government completely overstepping its boundaries more so than it is already doing and bring back liberty and freedom once they have tried to take them away?
    The government can only give to you what they take from you.

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    could be another shot heard around the world ,what I'm afraid of is Obama is bringing our troops back ,what for? is he planing to screw the 2nd anendment completely and use our troops againts us? my first question to them before the SHTF, is in your oath what did you pledge to defend ? the Constitution of America well your not doing it if you are trying to take out guns, if they still keep coming there will be shots heard here !!bambam55


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      Well I hope that it never comes to it, but if they were coming at me with intent to do me or mine harm, I HOPE that i would have the cahonies to drop a few of them and thereby change their attitude.
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        "My main question is; do you see from where you are that we could come back against an Government completely overstepping its boundaries more so than it is already doing and bring back liberty and freedom once they have tried to take them away? "

        Short answer is NO! Not gonna happen .... Not a peep was made following Ruby Ridge .... a local chapter of the kkk showed at waco asking the gov what the hold up was and if they needed a hand .... "Waco, rules of engagement" watch it .... revolt? Most don't even vote ....

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        Things are seldom what they seem.


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          Complex question.Since 1940 or so,we have been NUDGED toward where we are today.The 1960's were the most visible with The Great Society ,and subsequently the Clean Water Act,Clean Air Act and Endangered Species Act. Regulations are still being written for these Acts,all of which shift control from individuals to government entities or agencies and for which non governmental organizations really control the impetus of degree and direction.(Sierra Club, as an example)If you have been busy working ,having a family, just being an American,you may not even have noticed,as no single EVENT caught your attention.
          Regulation of water started with Navigatable Waterways by the COE,and now extends to puddles in a field by EPA,as an example.NUDGED!
          IMO,the "tea party's" are the first indication that the folks recognize there is a problem, and there are individuals that did not know there were others of like mind.
          I believe that the recognition came in the NICK of TIME,and there is time for the ballot box to work to bridle the progressive agenda.It will take time to walk back much of the legislation since the 1960's.
          If we can have a non violent assertion of Original Constitutional Values,that is the preferred option. If not ,everything gets much more complicated,but I am less worried about our military than a "special Police".
          In the end ,you do what you have to do.


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            I'm near Shitcago, so I'm in trouble either way. It is actually very interesting to see the number of conservatives coming out of the woodwork, but the unions have control of almost everything here. It's very sad. Oh, and I would do all that is necessary to protect my family.
            He who lives with the most toys, wins.


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              Ok I think that the tea parties are trying to do great things but I personally don't want to wait any longer to assure my freedoms for myself and future generations. The buck stops here with me . If you want mme to lgive you my guns you willl get them one lead bullet at a time . I dont think we have much to worry about our troops , i agree with flipdog1 on the special police , or the citizen army that obama stated he wanted. People want peace and love and no violance. we I like the old saying "if you want peace you must prepare for war" so I prepare for war.
              Just my .02


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                Could you pull the trigger first?
                Yes I will pull the trigger on ANYONE who puts my rights or safety in jeapardy. And I would lose no sleep over it.
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                  You know, I think a lot about that question - and it confuses me. So much of the time I think of society as a herd of sheeple, but when I talk to people, for the most part, they are all unhappy with the way things are, so that gives me *some* hope. What takes that hope away though is this: they are upset with *generalities,* they don't seem to stop and think about all the little rights that they are giving away, or are being taken away, and how those add up to government control. So, to answer your question, I guess I think it is "possible," but not very likely. People I talk to don't want to give up their evening tv programming to confront the realities at hand - commercials are less inconvenient than real life problems:(


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                    You can say Hell yeah I would pull the trigger first, but you never know till the time comes. It is easier said than done!
                    SQUARE PEG IN A ROUND HOLE


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                      As General Patton once said "When the time comes, you'll know what to do."
                      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                        ok yes just like killin bambi thatsa what we train for in the military if i or my family is threatend i woul'nt bat an eye
                        the pack that plays together stays together


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                          I'm with you Kenno. I'd like to think my answer right off is "yes", but so many things depend on the circumstance of the moment.