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Moving to Little Rock area, need some advice!

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  • Moving to Little Rock area, need some advice!

    The job is moving the Mr and I to the Little Rock area right over the Christmas break. If anyone has had to move their food supply, I would like some pointers I might not think of on my own. (Its a 5 - 6 hour drive for us)

    Also, I need serious help on picking a location! With his job, he has to be able to be in Little Rock within an hour. I am looking for areas where there might be acreage to rent (5ish+) and hopefully a well and/or natural water supply.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Is the move a sure thing, now?
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      Yes. (taking up space to make post long enough)


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        find another job just kidding i would just check the outskirts i would defiantely check traffic situation for him out too
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          If I was asked to move to the Little Rock AREA, much less to Little Rock proper, my only advise would be DON'T GO!
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            Is he going to work in Little rock or North Little rock (NLR)? Cabot is just a few miles north of NLR and it is a rural enough area you may find what your looking for and HWY 67/167 runs right intoNLR and Little rock. Depending on which he has to go to--Vilonia which is a little north of Cabot is a nice place to stay. Small rural town of a few thousand. Hope this helps. I live between Conway and Vilonia and can get to NLR in less than 45 minutes if no traffic accidents.