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Humility in these times

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  • Humility in these times

    I'm not a guy that prays alot but I am old enough to see a time of testing, where people will have to make a decision.
    People will disguise thier 'lifestyle' as a political choice, then they wil disguaise it as a Glitch in a orphans home in South Africa, or adopt 6 orphans and abuse them in the USA, disguised by the US media, why? because they are all perverts? that is a montrosity 60 years in the making!
    But the truth will be a far darker decent.
    I won't even ask that you choose out-loud, but now is the moment, maybe the only moment, when you get to be a grown-up and decide your familys fate.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    What are you talking about? Are you able to clarify it. Take one idea and expand it before writing about something totally different and leave the political bs out


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      Don't take this as an attempt at humor .... are you slipping into depression? You have something on your mind .... be specific so the rest of us have a focal point from which to engage you. About the praying .... now is a great time to start.

      Things are seldom what they seem.