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    For over 50 years there have been On-Air personalities preaching against the spread of communisim to little effect, they lost thier audiences and disappeared.
    Americans instinctualy distrust the man on a high horse who claims to see further than the rest of us and talks down to us plebeians. This is why Progressive Elites fail at talk radio, with only thier words to rely on eliteists rightly come off as self-serving, power hungry, Ivory Tower lecturing ass-hats whose entire message is "Surrender your power unto me.".
    Glenn Beck is the single greatest threat to Progressives in America. Why? Because like Shakespear, Will Rodgers and Regan he has the rare combination of intelect, talent, empathy and shared background that allows him to communicate the truth he believes in without preaching, without political double talk, disembling long winded speeches and self-grandizement. If you believe Becks message he does not gain from that belief, america does. Beck's message is; "Take the power back from the goverment and return it to it's rightful owner, the american people." and that is why the Left must destroy him.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    ooohrah!!!!!!!!!! i agree 1000%


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      Beck is a comedian, an entertainer and he does what comes natural to him well .... that's why he's permitted to continue. Many of us know the truth and I don't need him or anyone else to speak for me or host a televised program that reflects my understanding of what is taking place. His purpose is to appease the masses. While many are are enraged at the actions of our government we won't do anything about it except bitch .... its our nature. However guys doing the work of Beck make us enraged ones "feel better" that some one has taken up our cause and getting the attention of TPTB. TPTB have spent lots of time and money studying us peasants for a long time and know that as long as we have an " outlet" such as Beck, Hannity, etc. we're less inclined to become unruly even though we're still pissed. By the time we realized that we've truly been duped and on our own it'll be too late for the "masses" to be a threat as there will be far fewer of us. A chess game has never been played that can match the deception that is and has been contrived to achieve the ultimate goal of TPTB. Outside the box ladies and gentlemen .... in fact forget the f*cking box .... this ain't no simple matter like taxing us into the ground. These minions are literally after our souls. Good luck ....

      Things are seldom what they seem.


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        BECK for president with palin oh wow that could be awsome
        the pack that plays together stays together


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          so long socio-communism, hello small gubberment, welcome back US Constitution, good bye porous borders, welcome revolution in government.


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            OW-- you are absolutely right, YOU (and a few others) don't need a Beck to part the curtains, but, think about the other choice, no Beck at all... I DO feel better that there is someone out there in the spotlight that is not afraid to break down progressive-ism for what it is. If there was no Beck, do you actually believe that savvy Americans would organize against the unethical practices of our political system? There would be far less savvy Americans TO organize... there is a conversion taking place, through education from Beck and the like. Bottom line, I like the idea of someone out there making people think who might otherwise walk off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings. And I don't think that Beck or anyone else serving up the truth is doing a dis-service to America. I also believe it is to late to save our nation from economic collapse, but at least when it does, more people will know why. (for what that is worth...)


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              [QUOTE=hubste5;32630] And I don't think that Beck or anyone else serving up the truth is doing a dis-service to America.]

              Lets hope you're right Hub.

              [I also believe it is to late to save our nation from economic collapse]

              You and me both.

              [but at least when it does, more people will know why (for what that is worth...)]

              For those of us who survive, there will need to be some accounting. Perhaps, thanks to Beck Et al. the jury won't take so long to deliberate. Hub, I too am grateful thet there are Becks .... where there is smoke .... I'm interested in what caused the fire. I have to wonder though if there is a follow on role for the Becks .... be wary my friend.

              Things are seldom what they seem.


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                I agree, kenno. Just look at the people who hate Beck, Limbaugh and others like them. Look close enough at a persons enemies and it can usually tell you a lot about the man. And if you share the same enemies, well there you go.
                Personally, I like shows like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh because they reflect my understanding of what is going on. I enjoy hearing from likeminded people…it’s the reason people gather on forums like this one.
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                POW*MIA*KIA Not Forgotten!


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                  I understood that real estate was in trouble,particularly when "Flip This House" reality TV started.( Like a sports star being on Sports Illustrated)
                  I did NOT know about AIG and subprime derivatives, or Barney Frank and Fannie and Freddie, or ACORN.
                  Politicians who knew and did nothing should be in jail and broke.
                  I was skeptical of Hannity until he showed video.He was 100%.
                  Beck has been an educational source beyond belief.Real scholars ,real video, and no doubt about the truth.
                  I have noticed a similarity between Progressive Democrats and Islamists.
                  They both have the Ends justify the Means ,and have no compunction about lying.(spin)
                  Knowledge is Power,and since Mau is a favorite of the Progressive ilk,says, power comes from the end of the gun.(Not my words)
                  My word.Fore warned is fore armed.