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Ok hypothetical serious question

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  • Ok hypothetical serious question

    ANY BODY got any ideas how to get out of jury duty my wife has been called up but she cannot miss work any body got reasonable legal ides
    the pack that plays together stays together

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    When they interview her, tell her to be as radically right wing as possible.....they'll dismiss her...guaranteed...
    "I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

    "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat


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      "I think they should reinstate corporal punishment..." to go along with what BS said...


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        #1 You can demand to be set-back due to personal obligations such as employment, family or other hardships.
        #2 You can simply refuse to serve jury duty due to hardships and when they drag you in front of the judge you can tell him that thanks to his hard heart your employment is jepordized and you will be listing him as the cause of your unemployment on your umemployment claim against the state.
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          This has happened to me three times. Each time I have written a letter to the court (address and who to contact will be on your paperwork) explaining why jury duty would be a hardship. Can not take time off from work , no one to care for children, transportation etc. Each time I have received a call from the court to verify and then let go from duty.


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            thank you all my wife appreciates it will take everything in to consideration
            the pack that plays together stays together


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              Am I the only one who thinks it is your civic duty to show up when requested? It is a hardship for everyone, but we still need to stand up when called.


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                I would love to have the opportunity to sit on a jury , but I have never been called to do so. I'm 51 years old ,registered to vote,property owner,and never convicted of any crimes of any type, just your solid upstanding Southern Redneck type citizen and can't get jury duty.Al tho I think it is your civic duty to do so when ask, I also think that there are circumstances that excuse you from that duty.
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                  I also believe that it is my duty to serve on a jury when asked. In my case I really did not have anyone to look after my children for any length of time. Now that they are older I am more then willing to serve. Most everyone has times in their life when serving would be a hardship for them.


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                    ok viking you are indeed right ,though i have been out of work most of last wife is our bread winner right now if she misses one day that's 350 bucks five days and we wil be out on the street .now with that being said i will say that if we can get caught up on bills we will both voluntairly serve
                    the pack that plays together stays together


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                      I also believe it is your duty to serve, but definetely NOT if it's jeapardizing your paycheck, your home, your children, etc. I would love to do so now that I'm able to but have never been called. Most likely due to my membership in the fire dept. Husband has been called numbers of times.


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                        I served this last sumer it was quite interesting, things learned #1 Jurrers scare the shit out of
                        lawyers, # 2 jurrers scare the shit out of defendants both cases settled out of the court on the
                        morning of the trial. Even the judges squim though they tell you you have to make decisions
                        upon his rules I'm sitting there thinking ya right I'm casting my vote the way I see it and you can't do
                        a dam thing about it
                        That said there should be a letter with the sumons with excusable reasons ie undue hardship it will
                        cause as my wife just got delayed for school and work schedule work being it's the little income we
                        have in the crap economy ( construction here) and she's off the hook for now.

                        It did have to be in writing before a certain date though.

                        and in civil cases your not going to get off in front of the judge cause he don't care if your a bigot

                        rasicts or whatever they don't ask those questions just experiences that could sway you in a bias
                        direction relating to that particular case ie have you ever had a back injury from an accident etc.

                        Oh and going in front of a judge and lieing is kind of intimidating