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Begining of the end

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  • Begining of the end

    doy one hour twelve i awoke to the ice storm of 2010 with no power i tried my coffee can stove but decided to wasit for colder weather prepared for the worst i grabbed my ecws clothes and ventured out toward the barn trudgeing trough at least half an inch of ice i finally made it was able to sacrifice one of my cat batteries and my power inverter thank god kids have phineas and ferb now got hungry killed a cellaphane package of sausage cooked it own the grill no idea when power will be back drew straws to see who goes with out food tonight will update later
    the pack that plays together stays together

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    WTF.....should've drawn straws to see who goes huntin'.....
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      Call out fer Pizza! sheesh!, Sorry I live through such storms every winter, 1/2" of ice? try 4" that lasts a month!
      Let me know when you eat your youngins, ( a dictionary is on it's way)!
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        sorry about the spelling guy's ,power is back on have some feeling in fingers don't know what the hell i was spelling there right still no bread and milk on shelve's ice gone I WAS SCARRRREEEEDDDDDD FOOOWEE
        the pack that plays together stays together