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  • Free Education from universities and such...

    I pulled this comment off of a comment that I made to a friend on my livejournal (same username, In fact I use the same username everywhere I can.)

    I figured I would share it with you fine folks.

    Here goes nothin'.

    What is stopping you from educating yourself? You know there are SO many courses online now for FREE. I use iTunesU to download hundreds of podcasts and educational items off the internet that are freely given by universities.

    Like learnin', but don't like ponying up the leafy Sacagaweas to do it? Check out these useful little nuggets of knowledge:

    YouTube has just released a new sub-site called YouTube EDU, aggregating thousands of free lectures from over a hundred universities across the country, including MIT, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and oh-so-many more.

    I could go on and on and on and on. The great thing about this is that you can do it from your home. You can stop. Start. Rewind. Replay. Skip and attempt to fast forward. You can do this at your leisure. I personally have my iPod loaded up with hundreds of courses. I pick one focus on the whole course.

    YOU just need to dedicate the time. There is nothing holding you back from this. It can be done. I spend the time to listen to 2 whole lecture series
    UNSW Comp1917, Harvard College's Computer Science 50, Intro to computer science and there was another video set from MIT that lost me quite a bit.
    You don't need to spend thousands of dollars at a university to become educated when we have the technology to do it for free.

    Get yourself an outline. Focus, plan and succeed. You can do it.

    Did you forget.. I mentioned FREE. And I'm not talking bullshit classes either. Harvard, MIT, Berkley, UW, Should I write the whole list of universities out? Yale? Stanford? .. You can not tell me that a class from MIT that is 3 years old has less value because it is 3 years old. It is freaking M..I ..T. Hello!
    Proof?: Free Online Course Materials | MIT OpenCourseWare

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    Uncle BO is offering free university educations as well, but only to those that join his 'party' union workers, govt employees, maybe even GI's. Sounds a bit like a socialist collective, except that the 'Free' education will be paid for by tax payers, who are not in the 'party' and will have to pay for thier own education.
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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      The resources I've outlined are free to anyone. You can need to be rich, poor, male, female, it, your race doesn't matter, nor does your religion. And guess what.. You don't impede upon the taxpayers either.


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        Cool and thanks I will look into it.


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