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  • Time out

    Once again, I needed some time away from the internet and most especially, the news! I've been enjoying a few good books by the fire and on the deck while watching the deer, elk, mountain lions, turkeys, bears, etc enjoying their days as well. I've added another wind generator to my power source which I probably didn't need but I like the peace of mind it gives me, too.

    For my lack of being an active member here, I'll contribute an idea I came up with last year that some people might find useful to themselves as well.

    For those who have domesticated animals/livestock and live in bear/coyote/predator country, I bought two packages of 4 solar lights last year for $6 per package. I took them apart and masked off the lens with the exception of an inch oval on each side. Then I went to the automotive parts store and bought red tail-light lens tape and covered the oval holes that I left exposed. The unwanted predators see the red as a larger predator and for over a year now, I have not had a problem with anything bothering my chickens.

    I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season and I look forward to taking the time to see what all I have been missing!

    (not my picture, it was sent to me via e-mail)
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    Being unprepared is giving up!

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    Cool pic, and welcome back....
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      Thanks Big_Saw, it's good to be back.
      Being unprepared is giving up!