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  • Despotism

    I saw this today and thought it might be worth ten minutes of your time to watch.

    An Encylclopedia Britannica newsreel made to educate classrooms about political science. A facinating and frightening look at how to judge the level of free...

    This made me think about where we are heading as a nation.

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    Seems like the way the Dems are wanted to get that "Fairness Doctrine" passed, it seems like that would be similar to the Information portion of despotism....

    I can see us heading that way if things don't change:(


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      I've listened to this twice now and will share it with my wife tonight. I really feel good knowing there is a basis for my concern. The world is not collapsing but we cannot just ignore what is going on today.

      If at all possible share this with those you hold dear. It may just explain what we are all so grumpy about.


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        First time I've viewed this particular film, and it makes me think nationally about our current economic developments, the respect we are showing our government, and our government shows us in return, and the amount of viable information we are allowed to have access to by the media.

        I will say this, though, that our country is not a Democracy, but a Republic with democratic values. Interestingly enough, I've stumbled upon a short video which explains government clearly.
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