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An easy way to upload pics

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  • An easy way to upload pics

    There have been many questions about how to upload pics lately. Below is a tutorial on how to do this that is simple and free... And won't bury Diesel's server with our images. Diesel, if I'm out of line here, please let me know and delete this post.

    Go to Sign up... it's free(first image). If you already have an account, login (second image)

    Select the "Upload Images and Videos" button (shown below)

    A pop up window will appear. Navigate to the folder on your pc where your images reside. Select the image that you want to upload. (See image below)

    After image is uploaded, it will appear in your photobucket album. Hover your mouse pointer over the image and a pull down menu will appear below your image. Click on the IMG code, right click and copy. (see below)

    Log into XColony create or select the thread that you want to share your image on and right click and paste the previously copied IMG code into the XColony message window. (See below)

    I hope this helps. If I missed anything please speak up.
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    Great tutorial, thanks for the time and effort. Will make this a sticky, thanks Slowz

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      thank you finaly i think i can follow this
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        So easy (say it with me now) a caveman can do it!
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          thank you so much easy tutorial
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            thanks for this!!!


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              All right.......a cave man can do it huh? I am so technologically handicapped I can hardly unscrew my toothpaste tube these days. Darn and I wanted to share something too. Oh well. Maybe the better half can figure it out. Thanks for the great tutorial...I'm just to dumb with this stuff.


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	CHEF1.gif
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Size:	9.4 KB
ID:	186766This post may fit here…how do I delete pictures from my upload manger? I tried deleted some pictures from my picture albums but thepicture are still in my up load manger…????
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                  Can't herlp you as I am the non technological one but it sure is a nice picture!!!!


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                    Good tutorial slowz1k. Coming from a "Newbe", thanks for putting it up there.
                    -Steve Ussery, Sr. / OH


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                      i have a photobucket account,since my last camping definitely came in handy for the 100+ pic's.i also have photo explosion image editor down loaded onto my pc. in which it's come in handy quiet a few times for 5 pic's or less,at a time..
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                        I will try the photobucket approach, but I, too, would like to weed out the images I've posted in the past. Not sure how to do that. Buggy or Diesel or whoever, if anyone can point out how to clear out older images that'd be great. Thanks in advance.
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                          Question....Is there a way to DELETE photos from my media. The site won't let me post photos as it says I have used up almost all of my media space. Have a lot of old pics that need to go.