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EDS - Emergency Disaster Service

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  • EDS - Emergency Disaster Service

    I wanted to throw this out to see if anyone has seen or is familiar with this. On the edge of my little town there has been some construction going on...pretty fast paced and I noticed that there are 7 or 8 EDS (Emergency Disaster Service) trailers being staged there...marked mobile sleeper units.

    Big red white and black semi trailers...anyone else seen these????
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    Ok here is what you can do:
    Stop by introduce yourself as Mr. Smith who lives nereby and is looking for his lost dog. Ask them if they have seen a large pitbull with white dots on his back. Explain that the dog eats red meat twice a day and you are worried that little "T-Rex" might be hungry.
    Step 2: Strike up a conversation as to what they are doing. How long it will take and when will they be done.
    This technique works every time.


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      Kinda creepy. I have not seen anything like this. Does it actually say "sleeper cell" on them. That seems like it would defeat the purpose of being a sleeper by posting a big sign to this effect.

      Anyway, I am sure you have seen all the traffic over the net on the FEMA camps and setting up all over the country. Not sure I believe it all, but wouldn't put it past them either. Good luck.
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        ok what that is is a goverment contract trailer more than likely they are goverment employees who travel to do there jobs instead of moving every six weeks they have all there belongings in this trailer the railroad companies do it as well
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          By "sleeper units" I believe that's referring to the size of the cab of the vehicle, that being a tractor-trailer combo with a sleeper unit in the back of the cab. In other words, may have come from quite a distance away.


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            way to go slo one thats what i was talking about meth the trucks you are talking about are kinda phased out because the sleepers are so big now that its obvious they are sleeper's but cr england and covenant still put team truck check sleeper on the side
            the pack that plays together stays together