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the american spirit

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  • the american spirit

    do not sale the " AMERICAN SPIRIT " so short.

    my father use to tell me an old story about a man and a dog, it goes something like this:
    once there was a man who had a dog. every morning as the man left for work, he would walk out his front door, kick the $hit out of the dog and then be on his way. the very next day, the man walks out his front door and once again kicks the hell out of this dog. this goes on everyday for some time, until one of two things happen. either the dog will die of a broken spirit, or the dog gets feed up and bites the living hell out of the man.

    the way i see it, the true red blooded, God fearing, flag waving, America loving patriots are the dog. uncle sucker, big brother, or what ever slightly amusing name you want to hang on our government is the old man. true enough, there are plenty of sheeple who are very comfortable with the "way things are". however there are plenty MORE of us who are sick and tired of being kicked around, watching office idiots wipe there lazy a$$e$ on our constitution, hearing how uncle sucker has removed yet another one of "OUR" freedoms, and having to put up with the news reports of how our dictator in chief has appologized to yet another foriegn power because of " the way american people are".

    it makes me SICK!!! i am waiting for the "big bang". the day is coming, and it is coming for all of us. when that day arrives, WE WILL ALL LEARN ALOT ABOUT OURSELVES AND THE AMERICAN SPIRIT. until then, i will just prepare for all i can, and pray to our Lord for strength, patience, wisdom, and understanding. i suggest that we all get ready,soon. it is coming. God bless all of us.
    Chance favors the prepared...

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    Well said Tom, patients, vigilance and resolve will see us through to better days.


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      thank you sir.
      Chance favors the prepared...


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        I think that day will come when the dollar colapses and hyperinflation kicks in.