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Boeing Aircraft Plant Moving to S.C.

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  • Boeing Aircraft Plant Moving to S.C.

    Boeing was located in WA State for 70+ years and has always been a major employer for Seattle/Tacoma and had many sub-plants along the west coast.
    When WA State fell to the Liberal Democrats the State Guberment raised taxes and encouraged Union strikes against Boeing to extort 'Donations' by Boeing to it's fellow politicians. In the last Governer's election cycle the election was Openly Stolen from the Republicans by the Democrats who again turned the screws on Boeing.
    Boeing recently announced that it is moving to South Carolinia to escape the anti-business practices of the Democratic Regime in power in Wa State.
    This will mean 1000's of new jobs for S.C.!
    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.

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    Sucks for those that will be losing there jobs but at least its not Mexico