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low key "militia" type group

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  • low key "militia" type group

    are there any low key militia type groups. i a not refering to any extrimist groups, just a bunch of good ol boys that will band together when a disatster occurs. whether it is a natural or man made disaster.
    Chance favors the prepared...

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    There are many.


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      Wouldn't it be a complete oxymoron to have a "low key" group being discussed on the internet?

      Best way to run into a local group is just knowing what to say to stimulate conversation in the right place at the right time. Sort of like picking up a woman, ha ha ha! Seriously though, over the years I've met folks at gun shops, flea markets, and town church suppers. You never know where you might go if you make a quick little comment about something political or even concerning preparedness. Many people are out there eager to network with others. Just take your time to feel the person out before giving them personal information or getting into very detailed discussions. Likewise, beware those who seem to be prying for information from you.