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One Year.

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  • One Year.

    One year ago, plus a few days, I joined this site. Throughout the year I have stood together with all the other preppers and survivalists, and now I'm looking back at what we all KNEW was going to happen.

    In November of last year I was working with Garda, an armored vehicle courier service, and I had informed people I work with about what I expected to see in the future. January came around, and I started preparing in overdrive. Buying beans, rice, canned foods, and other things needed at home. February came around and we watched as Obama became our president. March flew by and unemployment began to rise. Prices were going up, and people were starting to live in tents.
    Then came May. I was fired from my job at Garda due to a minor traffic accident which I was cited "following too close". Total damage to the vehicle was LESS THAN $4,000. I thought about suing, but gave up hope.
    After 2 months, I acquired a security position with a local guard company, which gave me few hours, but allowed me to stay in my apartment.

    Now it's November again. I haven't worked in almost a month even though I'm still employed, I've begun to sell off my belongings in order to finance my landlords "winter vacation" in Ecuador. I've already begun to tap into my emergency food supplies, and my brother has moved in with me to help with the rent. I had to borrow $200 from my step mother to get insurance on my VW bus, and every time I check the local job market, there's nothing available that I qualify for. I've filled out many applications, and have rechecked on a few, only to find out that someone else has already gotten the job advertised.

    In closing, through the course of one year I have gone from being a basic lemming working for a corporation that cares less about their employees than the image of their company, to a rebel against the system. It is the corporations that are ruining our country with their greed. Our governing bodies have made no attempt at listening to the mass of people who are angry and upset with what's going on in this country, and I can only see it getting worse. My anger has risen to a level I've never experienced before, and the only thing I can do is laugh, because I knew it was going to happen.
    "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden

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    McD's Office of Opportunity my friend. Survival is survival. Much luck.
    Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim.
    ~ Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.-Ovid

    Mus uni non fidit antro.
    ~ A mouse does not rely on just one hole.-Plautus

    Non semper erit aestas
    ~ It will not always be summer.


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      yes my friend you have hit the nail ont the head think about professional driving
      the pack that plays together stays together


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        The years really do go by faster as we get older don't they. I wish you well on the job search and I have to agree with Legionnaire, a job is a job when you're only there for the money. Pizza delivery is another job that a few friends of mine have had and they did far better then I would have imagined.

        Best of luck!
        Being unprepared is giving up!


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          Keep your head up and stay focused. You might have to move or look in different areas, the hardest job in the world is looking for one. Hang in their and you will see better days....


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            Security's in DEMAND in this area...especially in Tulsa and OKC....
            "I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." -Thomas Jefferson

            "When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves, in the course of time, a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it." -Frederic Bastiat


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              It's a hard hit for ya Visene. My wife has been looking for a few months here as well.
              But like the Centurion said, stay focus. Perhaps try looking for something in the exact opposite of what you've done before.
              "And with a collection of minds and talent, they survived"


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                Couple of thoughts...
                You are in good company, there's a lot of you out there unemployed.
                At least you had your food stores to fall back on.
                You are a survivor and will come through this.

                Good luck!


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                  It really is the truth HP! There are a lot of people in this situation. I have still yet to find work. I've applied for everything from flippin' burgers to driving a cab.
                  Try having a felony record and look for work. They don't even want to talk to me. It may have been 20 years ago but it doesn't matter to anyone. There are so many people looking for work they can afford to be picky.
                  Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
                  {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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                    No 1
                    yeah thats where I was in the 1980's
                    Carter administration had COOLed the ECOnoMY
                    I was all like how do I market myself...
                    REMAKE YOURSELF
                    You are no longer a sheepdog,,,,no, Now you are a BAd Boy, a Wolf! that hates Sheepdogs
                    and then WSHTF refert to the SD
                    Look;s seriously; we gotta save the Peeps
                    The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                      I am sure that things will get better friend. Hang in there.