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Swine flu shot side effects

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  • Swine flu shot side effects

    Wife works in the medical field and was informed today that one of her doctors and another patient of thiers have contracted Guion Barre syndrome as a side effect of the swine flu vaccine. The doctor is now on a ventilator and will be for 6 months.

    No way i'm taking this shot.
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    I had to look it up. In paragraph 1, close to the middle, it states, "Occasionally, surgery or vaccinations will trigger the syndrome."

    Personal opinion: When chemicals known to cause severe side effects are pushed on unsuspecting patients, and considered by the government to be legal and approved for use, but a substance having no ill side effects, like pot, remain illegal, then what's the point of being healthy when everything approved will make you feel sick?
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      i think its spelled Guillain-Barre syndrome. Just a FYI.


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        Originally posted by C141-B LOAD View Post
        i think its spelled Guillain-Barre syndrome. Just a FYI.
        google is your friend
        Diplomacy is the art of saying "nice doggie" while picking up a big stick.


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          Had contemplated getting it as our county is giving it free to us first responders (fire dept/ems) but am too afraid of the side effects. Guess I'll take my chances. Even the pediatrician for my grandkids says to 'just wait'.


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            I took a seasonal flu shot this year for the first time in my life . I only took it this year because my Family Dr. recommended I do so saying that I was in a high risk category, not because of the age group,(I am only 50) and to a lot of you guys that's probably ancient. I'm at risk because I've been battling Cancer for the past four years, and the immune system just ain't what it used to be.That being said , I ask my Dr. about the H1N1, and his response was , "I , and my family will not be taking it and I'm not advising any of my patients to get it" So that's good enough for me. I taking my chances, not the shot !
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              I have an old girlfriend whose husband died of Guillain-Barre syndrome about 5 years ago. The local doctors either couldn't or wouldn't diagnose it. She had to get an ambulance to take him to Atlanta for it to be finally diagnosed. She told me it was a slow, terrible way to go.
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                Skyowl was directed to get a flu shot. It was not specified what KIND of flu shot.

                He has not gotten a shot. Waiting to see what they do....
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