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    Originally posted by Big_Saw View Post
    A conservative will fight for his freedom...

    A liberal will forfeit his freedom to avoid the fight....
    Copy that!
    If it looks ignernt, but it works, then it ain't ignernt.


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      how do you take back a country when all the millionaires buy the county out or should I say sell the country out? we 'd need to limit the amount of money any one person could make for himself and family and make him put the over flow either back into his bussiness (as it use to be done volentarily because the bussiness people wanted there buss. to be the best and reward their people for jobs well done ) or back to help the country .But todays buss. is to make the company look good screw the people working for them sell the comp. off at a major profit and stick the money in their off shore accounts and tell everyone how they took such a screwing !!! the sad thing is that most of the people in america feel sorry for these lieing bastards , when all the time they're screwing all of america not paying taxes and such. personally I was livid when the gas went over the $3.00 mark and when it went back down some big wig let it slip oh! we only made $40million on that price hike! WTF is wrong with all the people out there?are they all like a bunch of grazing cows oblivious to shit like that ? why can't we all get together and kick all of these asses out of power like the lifetime senators and congressmen and let the new ones tell the pres. and side kick pelosie GGF and get this country back