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Good survival general purpose knife

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  • Good survival general purpose knife

    Anyone got any idea for a Good survival general purpose knife im looking to spend no more then 250.00 i was looking and the chris reeve shadow 4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    regular K bar has always been my choice
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      Originally posted by neverknow View Post
      Anyone got any idea for a Good survival general purpose knife im looking to spend no more then 250.00 i was looking and the chris reeve shadow 4. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
      There is absolutely no reason to spend that much on a knife unless you just want to. Like the man said, a Ka-bar will do just as nicely. Cold Steal, SOG, Ka-bar, Case, Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT), etc etc. are all fine brands. Save the money and buy two good knives or some extra ammo.
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        I found an amazing knife last spring

        That is the link for the kukri that theycarry. It is rugged and made of nice carbon steel. For 20 bucks you can't beat it for a solid camp knife. Mine has seen alot of camping time this summer, from the NC mountains to the hills of Alabama when I went to visit family.


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          Originally posted by prkchp76 View Post
          regular K bar has always been my choice
          Couldn't agree more , I have one that an older buddy of mine carried as a Marine in the Korean war, it's aged well ,still as good as the day it was issued.I have countless other knives that I've collected over the years , kinda like guns , I can't pass up a good deal on one. I just bought another Boker Switch blade at the National Gun Day show this weekend. Also have several of those as well, but they come in real handy when your out in the boat and you need to cut some line, and your doing a half a dozen other things (the fishermen out there know what I'm talking about) It's real nice to open it with the push of a button. Anyone else make it to the show? Not trying to hijack the thread , but was just thinking , that would have been a good place to meet some folks from here.
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            I sell knives and tend to keep some of the ka bars and microtechs for camping etc. cold steel tends to be light but extremely sharp.


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              What I have is what I use

              Here are the blades I use. Each has a task & purpose, some have been with me 20+ years, others only a few months. A good knife can be your best friend. I am no expert on knives, but as a retired army ranger with over twenty years service I can tell you what has worked for me.
              1. Swiss Army Knife. By far, this is the knife I have used more than any other and it is the same one I purchased in the shoppette at Harmony Church in 84. If I had to have only one knife, this would be it. edc.
              2. Benchmade lockblade folder: With the partial serrated blade, this has been handy around the rope and I suspect would make a good small fighting blade. It is edc for me.
              3. A good short-blade machete (Back of photo): this one I purchased in Panama in 86; cheap, cheap, cheap, it has done what gov't issued blades could not. Key to good cutter, or any other blade is keeping an edge, a firm grip, and a strong arm.
              4. Cold Steel SRK: A proven fighting knife, nothing else to say.
              5. Gerber folding saw: Purchased in 93, one of the first from gerber; it has been an incredible performer and has cut small trees (largest about six inch dia.) on four continents.
              5. Gerber CRK (CHERRY Blade); New addition, but I have been very impressed; excellent lashing points, thick, heavy blade. Look forward to giving it a workout soon in Uwharrie.
              6.Gerber Gator junior machete (CHERRY): Also a new addition, love the handle, but the scabbard is weak; I can already see myself making a new one; this goes to Uwharrie also.

              These are my blades; they are what have worked for me, some for a very long time and some when my life depended on it. Everyone will have different experiences and a different opinion and these are mine, for what they are worth. One last thing, when you buy a knife, if at all possible, handle it first and see if it fits, if it feels right for you, and then learn how to use it. Multi-tools are another story. Suggest moving this thread to Knives & Blades. Thanks for reading, take care.
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                Im 25 minutes from Uwharrie :D
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                  not tyo play high jacker but i was rock crawling last week in northeast tennessee ha also im not sure of the model but at commie mart they have the buck with a black handle with a blood groove for 49.95 had that one since i was twelve very good old knife cannot speak for the new ones though
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                    I'm partial to Bucks, Kabars, and old United Cutlery (pre Chi-Com) for reasonable price and durability.....Carbon steel only, if you can find it....I hate that 440 SS crap, but sometimes it's all you can find.....I also like the Kershaws for pocket folders....
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