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  • Got a new job too

    I thought since I have asked for advise on police work, I would give an update.
    I so wanted to get into coll. for it, but being broke, it was a choice made for me as I didnt even have money for the physical, or groceries, or bills since they shut all but electricity off.
    But I was able to land a job at a Local Cabinet shop here in town, 20 min away!!!, I havent worked this close since I moved here in y2k.

    I hope it to be a real blessing, but the hole I have to dig out of is deep, so still using some food banks to feed us, but I can do all things........
    And everything that happens in life is temporary even tho sometimes it is hard to remember that.
    I would still love to do police work, but will have to wait till next fall to get back into coll.
    I wanted to say thank you for the encouragement you have sent to me, it is appreciated.
    ps and will try to be on more, lol

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    Congrats, Cowboy.

    Wish I could loan you a ladder but it sounds like you will build your own! Hugs!
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      just wondering why you dont go to work with the police dept and let them pay your way through college it will at least give you experince
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        cause there were 15000 people ahead of me in line for the same job,(charlotte-Mecklenburg) and I cant afford to wait around for them to hire me and get in, like I said, I couldnt even afford the physical from the doctor.
        Without family helping, we would have gone hungry and lost ALL utilities, and they didnt have much to give as it was, but they did.
        I have to take something more certain for the sake of my family rt now since the police dept round me r not hiring, I work with a guy who has been thru BLET, and is a truck driver for a cabinet company rt now, and he knows more than a few officers as personal friends.
        If it was just me, I probly would, but the lives on 9 depend on me, with that in mind, I made my choice for now.
        I have learned patients is best.
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          I started a job PT with the Public Administators office 2 years ago as an estate investigator not much training required just a clean background check and now i am PT with the local marshalls office while i am finishing my Crim. Justice degree I would like to go full time with the local marshalls office soon. The reason i am going over this is dont miss the part time oportinities with the local municipalities with the economy as it is they are lokking for some part timers to fill in gaps and you can get your foot in the door and then shine and they wiil hire from within normally when the full time stuff opens up. If you have any questions about where to find some of these part time gigs give me a email;)


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            Congrats Cowboy. Digging yourself out will take some time, but at least you're starting at now. Hope things continue to go well.