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  • Yay or nay

    Check out these rain barrels thinkign about buying them would they be good for long term survival, And do you think the price is right??
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    looks like a good deal to me.


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      Originally posted by neverknow View Post
      Check out these rain barrels thinkign about buying them would they be good for long term survival, And do you think the price is right??
      $40.00 Sounds a little steep to me , and actually $9.00 is also a little high for the barrel IMO, I live in Ky, and I bought a 55 gallon barrel a few weeks back for $6.00, it was also a food grade barrel,and they have them for that price all the time here in the Louisville area. Even if you have to pay the asking price of $9.00 the hardware ( faucet , rubber washers,etc. ) should not cost an additional $31.00, I undersatnd a man has to make something for his labor , but you should be able to assemble one of those in no more than 15 mins. tops The only tools you should need would be a drill,probably a 3/4" paddle bit, a couple of Cresent wrenches,or maybe Channel Locks. I don't buy anything that I can make myself, just my opinion.
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        $9.00 is not too bad. I picked these up for $5.00 each and have perhaps $12.00 in the fittings. I worked with the caps for my faucets holes. I wanted to try and maintain the barrels intact in case I needed it for other uses in the future. The top barrel is the main collector and spills into the other. THe fitting are simple garden hose gadgets screwd and glued through the caps.The wood was the largest cost in my project. And LAG SCREWS / NAILS.. Wow, I can not beleive what a few lag screws and a box of nails cost these days. I mitered and glue the joints for a rigid frame. I was able to avoid using a lot of hardware doing this and it was a fun endeavor. My system is gravity fed through some old garden hose to a raise bed garden. It did fairly well this year. The barrels fill up really fast when it rains, It was quite the surprize. However, the water goes away really fast in a dry spell.Total cost for this project was about $100.00 when all was said and done.

        One more thing.. the barrles were "Soy-Sauce" barrels. I found them on Craigs list as well.
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          WHERE do you get them for five bucks???!!!
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            i would say nay just does'nt make sense to be a survialist that is'nt thrifty unless you are not physically possible then i guess it might be worth it
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              Originally posted by Skyowl's Wife View Post
              WHERE do you get them for five bucks???!!!
              Yeah I should have purchased more:) A guy had them listed with 5 gallon buckets for $2.00 each as well. I purchased 10 buckets and 2 barrels for $30.00 even. The buckets were for sesame seeds. The bummer was that they had no lids. He is a nice fellow, a young preacher who diddles with farming and this stuff on the side. I passed "B Bop Cop" on to him back in the spring. I don't know if the cat "got sum" or not.:cool:
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                Thats a great system! In a cloud burst I get 100's of gallons off my roof!
                I get my food grade barrels for free, tried to sell em for $3.00, no go. dozens of different uses, manger, drywell, water barrel, planting tubs, even made a composter.
                Thinkin back a few years to when my "friend" decided that the dead wood on his property that he had promised me access to was no longer a nuisence but an asset (when oil jumped in price) and kicked me off his property, only latter to have his cabin crushed by a falling dead tree, I would recomend buying what you feel you need even if the price is a bit elevated $9-vs-$5 dollars. soon $4 will be worth nothing, I'm amazed that McDonald's still sells burgers for a dollar,,,wait they used to be $0.35! Having the materials at hand now rather than dither around and have them disappear from the market completely or spike in price is like an insurance policy.
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                  Just bought 3 black barrels (used to hold latex paint) yesterday for $5 each, so after reading your posts I feel okay about that deal. Think I'm getting more for family too.