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what to do with rover and the others

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  • what to do with rover and the others

    Ive been wondering what I should do with my dogs when its time to bail, I want to take them for security but Im torn over the idea of sustainability. What are all you doing?:cool:
    You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:

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    Hey Lead Slinger,

    I can only tell you that I wish I was in your situation where I had a couple of dogs with me...I don't, I have two cats my son had to have at 4 1/2 years of age. They are buddies and have NO utilitarian use at all. I'm not sure if your dogs are the kind that can be trained to assist you in early warning, general security and earning their keep, or are they the kind of dogs that fit in a purse and wear "cute outfits". I've never been a fan of the purse dogs, about as usefull as "teets on a turtle". If you have the ability, look into training your dogs to clear your far side danger areas when you are on the move. You know more than I do that some dogs are strong in tracking game, scaring game out and detecting a number of threats. In Iraq, dogs have been used to pick up trace of explosives, find the owners of ski masks (AQI wore them all the time), and to assist in clearing urban sites during assaults and during the post assault search for cache's. You hold in your possession, time, time to train the pups to do more than be great friends. I would look at the fact that I have time and use it to train the dogs to be multifaceted SHTF companions.

    P.S. let me know if you come across any lazy cat training programs, I'd be happy to look at it.



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      Hard fact is that you must spend considerable time and resources to train your dogs, LONG before you need them. The average or even above average pet will just get you in more trouble. They will scare away wildlife and attract attention. If they are running out ahead of you and encounter a bear, they are not going to fight to save you from the bear, they are going to run back to you for protection and bring the bear with them. This is just the simple fact for 99.9% of your "pet" dogs.

      I for one plan to bring my dogs with me, but I already have a destination for any bug out and it is full prepared and offers good security. Your dogs can be trained to be usefull and if resources truly get that scarce, then you can eat them.


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        "Dog is a fine meal" The patriot

        Well my dogs have been with me for about 5 years and check out my photo albums to see them. The boxer is Butch and the shepard/collie mix is Hero. Hero would be the hunting dog And butch is a good guard dog together they whooped up on a pair of pitbulls when we were camping not too long ago, they attacked me and a 7 yr old boy so I let them take care of the problem. They did it with teamwork it was beautiful, anyway, I have neglected efforts to supply them with supplies so I got with our homesteader to stock up with supplies for them. I think they would be a fine asset to our mission. And Hero would make a fine meal.
        You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:


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          I included this question as part of a questionaire for a group that was looking for potential members. In a traumatic situation it would only add to the tramua if children OR adults were forced to abandon thier pets. Training is the key factor in this situation. Unfortunately in a post SHTF situation there will be many abandoned dogs and cats that will have to be delt with, so in the short term feeding your dog will not be that difficult.
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            Good plan

            Kenno thats a good analisis your input is appreciated, Thanks:cool:
            You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:


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              Good food

              Now I am getting hungry, some fresh rice, soy sauce, wild green onions and roasted dog...toss in a cold beer too!


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                fine meal

                Gotta love those Kentuckyans. Nice touch with the Beer:cool:
                You can not multiply wealth by dividing it.:cool:


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                  Lol, or Shine? lol


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                    It's cold hard fact that when you need food the pets are on the menu! I love our dogs but they are useless and would take up alot of time if your on the move. Its like if you go on a trip you just can't leave them. Someone's always got to babysit them. I would turn them loose and hope for the best.


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                      Wow a lot of us sounds like we would serve up old yeller if it came down to it! I dont know what I would do in that instance hope i wont have to find out. I do know that most of this site is about protecting our families in case of a emergency or if one day the SHTF really does happen I for one could no sooner leave one of my dogs behind to fight it out with the hordes of sheeples that will be roaming around not knowing what to do while most of us have long since bugged out for higher and more remote ground than any family member who might not be very usefull or capable of contributing to the cause. Just my point of view but if I made it out and left a member of the family behind i would consider it a failure on my part. I would want to see that all of my "family " get out.:)