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Where your tax dollars go.

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  • Where your tax dollars go.

    Government grants fund education, housing, businesses, and other topics relating to development and protection of said topics. With that in mind, take a look at some of the grants available through our government:

    There are things like, Wyoming Toad Recovery Program, Habitat Enhancement For Pacific Pocket Mouse, and even programs relating to the development of other countries. Iraq and Sudan are a couple.

    This listing shows the amount available to grant, and the required eligibility necessary to receive the grant. Go ahead, see if you can find something that would help you. It's YOUR money anyway.
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    Why the FRACK is the Navy doing a study on prostate cancer???

    @#$%@$%^T @#$%$@ :mad:
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      I was watching an interview the other day where a gentleman was explaining about how governments create these mini dependancies with these grants and entitlements. You have a whole group of people who are gainfully employed because of the research on that stupid pocket mouse or those toads///they build buildings in which to study, they employ maybe a hundred people, who in turn support a whole community with day care, mini marts, housing needs etc....once you set these things up, it's almost impossible to get rid of them because it affects the whole community. Of course, too bad the government didn't think about that when they set up NAFTA. If they put through HealthCare for example, it will in essence, create the WORLDS largest employer. Try getting rid of that!