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Research Question 3

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  • Research Question 3

    Hey again, this is Stephen Roberts. I'm an undergrad researcher in Anthropology from the University of North Texas. I'm doing a research project on survivalists. (The first and second research question/discussion are posted as well, but I can't link to them because I haven't made 15 posts yet.)

    I appreciate everyone giving me their take on the stereotypes associated with survivalism. The focus of my research project is on stigma management, and the outside observer is an important part of the stigmatization process. So for my third question(s):

    What types of people do you think "lurk" on this site? Who are the unregistered guests that come through and read these discussions?

    Thanks again for your help. As a reminder, any answers provided may be used in my project but all names/usernames will be entirely confidential. Nothing will be used that could identify you. Also, you may feel free to ask me any questions you like.

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    "Lurk" regardless of the "types" that are drawn to such a site one common thread is we love our country. We are independent types, not wanting to be reliant on the system to provide for us.
    Stephen, on a personal note you most likely are unable to process the reasons we are here etc. No fault of your own. It is the fault of our failed government run education system. If you have trouble with that last statement you're behind the proverbal eight ball already. Good luck with your paper and continuing education.