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  • Here is one for you

    My cousin is a pharmacist on an indian reservation. She called me today to inform me about Tamiflu. She said over the last few weeks the gov't has been e-mailing them to purchase at least $25000 worth of Tamiflu every month until further notice. Now this is a gov't pharmacy. She said they would receive at least 4 e-mails a day stating what they needed to do. They are also to triple thier normal stock of all over the counter flu, cold and sinus medications. One memo stated that thier would only be 25 million doses of the H1N1 flu shot available in the US. The memo also stated that they are expecting a 2nd and 3rd wave of the swine flu to hit the US. She called to have my family to purchase enough for each member in the house and store it in the refrigerator. Now, are they just trying to hoard most of the Tamiflu so we have to depend on them for the medicine or are they trying to force us to get vaccinated or are they trying to be legit (no-I did not just say that)? What is your opinion? They have the reservation in an uproar.

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    HHAHahahAHAHAhahAAHHAHahah...holy geez, that's funny s**t. 25 grand worth of tamiflu every MONTH? ...until further notice??? "Hmmm...haven't heard anything back from them, and we're sitting on 4 million boxes of tamiflu."

    I bet it's market cornering. Buy it for cheap now, and sell it for more when the panic begins. Lower the total amount of tamiflu available to other (private) pharmacies, which will increase the price.
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      That is what I was thinking. She said they were going to order some this week.