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Is the colony a training show for sheeple?

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  • Is the colony a training show for sheeple?

    Ok hear me out. First I am not wearing a foil hat living in a bunker hiding from the government:cool:. But this show the Colony almost seems like it is a subliminal training video. Tonight they said that when you have to re-supply in a SHTF event that it is not looting it is foraging,:confused: this came from the Home Land Security consultant. Then when they stole the supplies from the two men in the tent they said that it times like these you would have to do things that you would normally see as wrong:confused: This was from the Doc that treats PSD. They spend a lot of time showing prints and step by step how to’s and close ups. So what if this show is being used to help give John and Jane Q public a better chance of making it in a SHTF event because they will remember stuff they saw on this show. What if it is being shown to help make sure that the USA has a higher survivor rate in a SHTF event and that people would be able to fend for them selves if they had to. This show has a ton of staging :eek:and it states that they do have some advisors showing them some of the survival tricks but they are passing all of these tricks on but un like other shows no one gets voted off and there is no big prize money pile. The mixture of people with all different skills I think shows people that no matter what your skills are you could make it and your skill are valuable. I am just saying I find it strange that with the world health organization predictions for what is going to happen in the fall and winter with N1H1 flu that the timing could not be better. Our CDC website went from updating Swine flu numbers every day to 3 times a week now down to once a week on Friday after 11:00 am :eek:and their numbers are very low compared to the world health organizations numbers. Please tell me I am being a freak. :D

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    Originally posted by Omegaman View Post
    So what if this show is being used to help give John and Jane Q public a better chance of making it in a SHTF event because they will remember stuff they saw on this show.
    Suspect it will get John and Jane shot if they are "stealing from the guys in the tents".
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      More FOIL! lol Looks like more cheap 12ga. shoties are needed to limit camp


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        I caught about 45 seconds of this show. To me it is just another 'reallity' show meaning you take a 2 man film crew and some wanna be actors, get the cheapest set possible and stage some stuff taken from survival websites (rember the TROLL last month that was going to make a documentary?). Edit and sell the resulting footage to a cable network, all of whom are loosing market share and are cutting programing costs. These programs are no more real, or better funded, than the localy produced TV affiliates children's programing from the 1950's. I doubt that any of the cast are actually what they are puported to be in the show and I doubt the producer/director has the capability or intent to manufacture anything more than Schlock TV.
        Was that 'expert' identified as a 'Department of Homeland Security' advisor or just a 'homeland security advisor'?
        I would go to the network's website as well as the DHS website
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