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freezer catastrophe!

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  • freezer catastrophe!

    Well, my mother-in-law (who lives with us) decided she would move some things in the garage. She pushed a box that had some thick rugs on it up next to the meat freezer. She then got out some meat for supper. Well, as she opened the freezer door, part of the rug got between the door and the freezer. When she went to shut the door, the rug kept it from sealing all the way (actually didn't close at all- she just swung the door thinking it would close). I got home from work and found a very smelly wet mess all on the garage floor. It had been around 98 degrees. Needless to say, all the meat (2 whole deer, 2 large family packs of hamburger, 1/3 of a pig and a 1/3 of a beef) was ruint. She is not allowed in the garage for now!

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    OMG! :eek: So sorry! She must feel awful.
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      man thats awful!!!!


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        She does feel awful. It was an accident, I just got upset when it first happened. Now I need to concentrate on refilling it.
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          Wow! What a loss and what a mess. I'm very sorry this happened. You'll get it all back.
          Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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            You might check with your home insurance as that might be covered. Just a thought.


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              Bad news

              Sorry you lost your meat. Can you put a lock on your freezer?


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                Wow Bear! So sorry this happened to you guys. :( I know your mother-in-law must have felt lousy. If you need anything, give a shout out! I have a bit of extra deer in the freezers around here. :)


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                  Thank you. Things like this can set you back some what, but it is a live and learn circumstance. Wife and I stepped back and looked at the situation. What if this had been done during a natural disaster or worse. We are rethinking our storage situation. We are trying to look at this in a positive light, and hope this may help others to rethink thier storage as well. I know some of you are already canning meat. Congrats! I now think that you all are way ahead of the game.


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                    Sorry to here that This might not of helped in this situation,but I keep the walls of my freezer lined with water bottles in case of power outage It will by you a few days. just remember ice exspands so do not fill to top or seal till frozen.
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