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Moving to Missouri

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  • Moving to Missouri

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  • #2
    Thanks for posting this... The Communist News Network (CNN) really shows their true colors with reports like this.


    • #3
      Wish I knew about this earlier. That dealership is less than an hour away from me.
      G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.


      • #4
        So, that's cool. you can spend $26,000 on a car, and get a $500 gun for free. hmmm. How about spend $500 on a gun, and the other $25,500 on ammo?
        "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden


        • #5
          I think the guy did a wondrous job at countering the newscaster's comment's. Thanks for the link.


          • #6
            Wouldn't have bought a car, have freinds that were looking. They needed a car, and a gun. Could have killed 2 birds with one stone. Although I'm not a big AK fan, wouldn't turn one down either.
            G.I.H.S.O. Going In Hot, Safety Off.