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Goodby to the promises made in our younger years

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  • Goodby to the promises made in our younger years

    Today I stopped by an elderly couples home that had estabilished a very nice Bed and Breakfast at the end of a gravel road, near the heart of a wilderness area. It was a perfect retreat and the folks there are as good as good folks get. The main reason behindthe establishment of thier B&B was for thier children.
    I was there to warn them about big changes in the woods. Mexican Cartels had moved in, been busted last year, but come back in less than 12 months.
    These good folks were not strangers to adversity, WW2, mini-depressions, you name it, they had made it through with God's help and a bit of what PPl used to call PLUCK, or GRIT, truely underated terms in this new century.
    The husband is a vet of the war in the south pacific, no stranger to the effects of violence, but not one to want to revisit that portion of his life. His wife is the perfect picture of pure feminity and maternal care that reaches beyond her own children to encompase all generations within her reach.
    As I spoke to them they revealed that there had been 'Latinios' that had come to them with-out automobiles and requested aid, which was given freely only to be confronted latter by the same PPL demanding to be let into thier home at night. We comissirated; Before the BIG FIRE on the MTN where the feds came in and bulldozed roads across the flanks of the mtn there had never been more than a few small private plots of dope but now that those roads were 'in' and coursiouly, the old bridges across creeks removed, there were now thousands of unsuppervised acres of watered land that only those with helicopters could survey.
    These PPL are my friends and they have always been a positive contribution to my community. It's about time somebody, in this case me, tried to acknowlage that and help out where I can.
    This would not have happened 10 years ago or 80 years ago! Mounted men would have searched the hills and found the problem, elimated it, possibably even put into practice the 3 'S's of good health; Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-Up.
    Back before Dope was a big dollar item, and a LawMan's heart was easy to buy, these PPL would be safe, protected by folks that swore an oath and believed in God. apparently those promises made in our younger days are forefite
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    You are truly fortunate to have made their acquaintance.... these are the folks who are no longer the subjects of our children's stories. Sounds like a great spot for a BOL or at least an OP.
    Things are seldom what they seem.


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      We were promised much that they have since taken from us.

      They never kept their promises to the Indians, not sure why I expected them to keep any they made to us.
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