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Local militia... Your thoughts

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  • Local militia... Your thoughts

    This may have been brought up before, but I find myself struggling with this idea.
    I truly love the basis that the Militia is built on, and firmly believe that our constitution should be the governing factor in this country...word for word... not some judges interpretation of those words.
    I frequent a local militia website... posted very little, but mostly I'm just a lurker. I've seen everything from cool level headed thinking to the "lets storm DC and overthrow the government" ideaology. Though I can see the value of a well organized militia at a community, city, or maybe even county level, I somewhat doubt that the organizational tools would be in place to command a statewide force when things deteriorate to the point of needing one.

    Then there is always the stigma that comes with the word "militia". The media has planted in the minds of most Americans visions of drunk, uneducated, shotgun toting, rednecks, hanging out of the truck bed shooting at roadsigns, while wearing camo from their nose to their toes. All in the name of Milisha Traynun.
    Though it does sound like a good time, I have a hard time submitting myself to this stereotype, even though I know it's not a true representation.

    There's no point to this post. I'm running on little sleep and much coffee. Just wanted to throw the topic out there and see if anyone has any words of wisdom to share.
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    Well, I am with you on all of your observations. I am in the same area of our state as you are. I think that the NC Militia would have more "out there, out there" kind of cats than cool prep'rs. Just my opinion. PLus finding the time to be really involved would be impossible for me at this time of my life. Some of the ones that I have met have seemed pretty cool though. They have had tables and info at the gunshows here for the past few years. It was interesting stuff
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      I have mixed feelings about this too. On the one hand, it seems to be constitutionally allowed and encouraged. On the other hand, some militias have made it a negative thing.
      I think that any group of like minded people that get together regularly and train for events of emergencies, could be called "militias". I also think that the term these days, just has so many negatives going that it might be better to just do your own thing as quietly as possible. The government is making this a big issue and is going to be looking at ways to take out these groups. I just think you should maintain complete silence on this if it's something you are interested in.


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        I suppose an already organized group is one way to go.. Of course, forming your own group would probably be more beneficial as far as the selection process? Just throwing some thoughts of my own out there. :)


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          Personally, a group of Redneck women carrying guns as a malitia group scares the the bejeebers out of me, lol


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            Originally posted by Cowboyup65 View Post
            Personally, a group of Redneck women carrying guns as a malitia group scares the the bejeebers out of me, lol
            That's the idea. ;)


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              good info

              If you want check out the Arizona minutemen militia It runs the southern border of Az they have a good organized group:cool:
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