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I found this somewhat disturbing...

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  • I found this somewhat disturbing...

    My husband is in the orientation process of becoming a member of a local rifle and pistol club. He went to his second target qualifying event this weekend. He said there was someone in the class that was also qualifying that is employed with DHS. Maybe it's just my paranoia, but it immediately threw up a red flag in my mind. Is he there to infiltrate and wouldn't DHS have their own "shooting organizations" and places to go practice?

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    Originally posted by doucmpuppiespn View Post
    Is he there to infiltrate and wouldn't DHS have their own "shooting organizations" and places to go practice?
    Possibly not. DHS was supposed to gather info from the real security orgs and evaluate it. Although he may certainly be there info-gathering, remember that even DHS people are Americans and some of them are also alarmed at the Marxist asshats infesting the WH.
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      I agree with Wife on this one. He is probably just a local fella wanting to join the gun club. I am sure that many will give him a wide berth. ;) DHS may just be a paycheck (only) to him.


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        You all are probably right. I just got paranoid because of the DHS report naming "terrorists" and being watchful of militia activity and formations.


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          I wouldn't trust ANYONE from DHS!


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            DHS employees who are authorized to carry a weapon have their own ranges, or an arrangement with a nearby military base for training. There are no rules against training with one's duty weapon on a private range.

            If the guy was there for nefarious purposes, trust me, nobody would have any clue who his employer was, and he would even have a cover story.

            Probably some bigmouthed DHS file clerk carrying a non-GI pistol and telling stories...


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              but in plainsight throws everyone off, I say don't trustem what better way for him to find out what's going on and keep an eye on people trust him my ass !!!!!!! bambam55


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                If anyone is at their local gun range spouting off antigovernment sentiments for all to see and hear they deserve to be locked up. It will keep the heat off the rest of us.
                Trust no one when it comes to these things, especially a govt employee. The feds already know all kinds of stuff about you and me. They most likely have eyes and ears at every gun range and sporting goods store in the country already.
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