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  • Yard Sale Bargain

    Woo Hoo!! Youngest son just got home and had stopped at a yard sale on the way. He bought me a 2 qt Dutch Oven, never used, still in the box for $5.00!! I sure raised that boy right!!

    Has anyone else come across some good deals lately at yard/garage sales?

    It's a Lodge and looks like this one.. (battery is dead on my camera :()

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    A great kid and a great oven.


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      I bought two # 8 Griswold duthch ovens off Craigslist a few months back, got both for $40.00 total . The lady said they had belonged to her dad , but didn't go with her "kitchen decor " , they fit right in with mine !
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        yard sales

        I have got several items from yard sales in the past the mose recent was a camping one burner propane stove in the box never used for $2.00.
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          Great deal! I'm more miss than hit at yard sales!


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            COOL BEANS! Lodge, pre seasoned and ready to go. Lucky you. I picked up a shower gift a few weeks ago. 12" frying pan (Lodge) for $11.00 at a discount shop, my wife ribbed me until I finaly took it to the office and presented our gift. That Lodge cast iron is the bomb. Good find OZ!
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              Those folks are gonna realize they made a HUGE mistake in selling the stove here in the near future. Excellent find and your son has some good smarts in recognizing the deal.


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                I found one here in the basement when I moved in. Love old farmhouses. lol FREE
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                  Rsanders, mine fits right in with my decor as well. :D Good find on Craigslist!

                  Paintball, I bet you were thrilled when you found the camp stove! I know I would be.

                  Path, I don't think I could have given it away! You are a stronger person than I am. :)

                  HileTroy, they obviously didn't know what it was used for! About 4 years ago, we bought a huge deep freeze at a yard sale for $5.00. The elderly lady was moving in with her daughter and that was the price the daughter asked for it. Still works to this day! :) I love a great bargain!

                  Yes, all of my kids are pretty good at spotting bargains. When my oldest daughter was in about the 3rd grade, I couldn't afford to buy her a winter coat. We just happened to visit an out-of-the-way second-hand store with a friend and she found a beautiful, THICK coat for $2.00, perfect condition. Phew, I was relieved. :)

                  Though now we are not in such dire straits, good, old habits die hard. ;)


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                    Check out the Salvation Army or other thrift stores. I found a battery operated radio/tv/siren/flashlight/lightbeam (granted the tv won't work being analog) for 3 bucks!