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The Worst Anti-Survivalism You've Heard

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  • The Worst Anti-Survivalism You've Heard

    I'll start. The worst, most stupidest anti-Survivalist sentiment I've ever heard was on "The Hugh Hewitt Show." Hugh said, like some petulent, whiny kid: "I'm not cooping myself up in a hole in the ground with 6 months worth of canned tuna!"

    When I heard that, I said: "So don't stock up on tuna, you dumb sheeple! Get nutritious foods that are to your liking!"

    "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.

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    Would have to be my dad when he looked at my weapons, ammo and food stockpiled and said "You really don't need this. You know if anything happens the government will help us out. That's why there's FEMA."


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      When speaking with a couple of ladies I work with about learning self-defense and getting guns they replied "I'd just rather not think about it."


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        Originally posted by Fiendish View Post
        When speaking with a couple of ladies I work with about learning self-defense and getting guns they replied "I'd just rather not think about it."

        Now that is scary.
        Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim.
        ~ Be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.-Ovid

        Mus uni non fidit antro.
        ~ A mouse does not rely on just one hole.-Plautus

        Non semper erit aestas
        ~ It will not always be summer.


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          I was part of an escort for relief workers in an African toilet. They were delivering meds and food to a village. Miles out, we got a wiff of the worst kind of stink I'd ever smelled, and I've smelled some nasty shit. Upon arrival, we saw that the village had been neutralised days before. Except for six who had fled and hidden in the jungle, everything else was dead. Everything. Animals, too.

          This whole village had converted to Christianity some time ago. They didn't have any firearms because the missionaries convinced them that that shit about beating your swords into plowshares applied equally to firearms. That's exactly what those dumb ****ers did, too.

          A lot of them died right where they stood, too. The Bible told them to turn the other cheek.

          It took a week to burn all of the bodies. Not a single one of those missionaries lifted a finger to help. All we got was a an earful of righteous indignation for not giving these true-believers a good, Christian burial.

          I have never wanted to kill someone so badly in my life.

          Turn the other cheek.

          Beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks.

          The Lord will provide.

          How's that for the worst anti-survivalism?

          Christianity is ****ing retarded.

          Living by the sword is worth the price.


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            I'm a Christian and I believe in protecting myself. Turn the other cheek is much easier when the target is neutralized


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              You either accept the religion or you don't.

              There are no provisions in the New Testament for violence, defencive or otherwise.


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                Originally posted by Mick View Post
                You either accept the religion or you don't.

                There are no provisions in the New Testament for violence,
                defencive or otherwise.
                Wrong. My favorite verse, spoken by Christ himself.

                Luke 22:36
                He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."

                Now, whatever religious denomination you belong to may have a different interpretation of this, but as a Lutheran, this is very clear to me. We are not only told to purchase a firearm, but if we do not have one, we should sell our cloths to get the money to purchase one.

                Christ was not a pacifist. Neither am I, and I would put my skills at a level comperable to some of the best out there. And should ever challenge my faith, at least to my face.

                Remember, our ancient texts says thou shall not MURDER, not Thou shall not kill.

                I must also remind you of a little verse in Revelations

                Revelation 17:14
                "They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kingsā€”and with him will be his called, chosen and faithful followers."

                This also states that the chosen will fight a war against evil. This is one of those verses that is not a metaphor, but speaks about events to come.

                I could go on and on, but I am not a scholar. I just know what I believe, and being unarmed against evil men is not one of my tennants.


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                  You like that verse because it makes you feel that your religion isn't as effeminate as it is.

                  Why don't you put up the rest of the verses that put that one in context?

                  And he said to them: 35 When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, did you want anything?

                  36 But they said: Nothing. Then said he unto them: But now he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip; and he that hath not, let him sell his coat, and buy a sword. 37 For I say to you, that this that is written must yet be fulfilled in me: And with the wicked was he reckoned. For the things concerning me have an end. 38 But they said: Lord, behold here are two swords. And he said to them, It is enough. 39 And going out, he went, according to his custom, to the mount of Olives. And his disciples also followed him. 40 And when he was come to the place, he said to them: Pray, lest ye enter into temptation.

                  41 And he was withdrawn away from them a stone's cast; and kneeling down, he prayed, 42 Saying: Father, if thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: but yet not my will, but thine be done. 43 And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. And being in an agony, he prayed the longer. 44 And his sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground. 45 And when he rose up from prayer, and was come to his disciples, he found them sleeping for sorrow.

                  46 And he said to them: Why sleep you? arise, pray, lest you enter into temptation. 47 As he was yet speaking, behold a multitude; and he that was called Judas, one of the twelve, went before them, and drew near to Jesus, for to kiss him. 48 And Jesus said to him: Judas, dost thou betray the Son of man with a kiss? 49 And they that were about him, seeing what would follow, said to him: Lord, shall we strike with the sword? 50 And one of them struck the servant of the high priest, and cut off his right ear.

                  51 But Jesus answering, said: Suffer ye thus far. And when he had touched his ear, he healed him. 52 And Jesus said to the chief priests, and magistrates of the temple, and the ancients, that were come unto him: Are ye come out, as it were against a thief, with swords and clubs? 53 When I was daily with you in the temple, you did not stretch forth your hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darkness. 54 And apprehending him, they led him to the high priest's house. But Peter followed afar off. 55 And when they had kindled a fire in the midst of the hall, and were sitting about it, Peter was in the midst of them.

                  Jesus is not talking to all Christians. He is talking to his closest disciples. You can say he wasn't a pacifist, but you are not Jesus. How, in Christian humility, can you presume to speak for Christ.

                  Not a pacifist? Where in the Bible does he ever hit anybody? Why does he wait until the night of his arrest to tell his disciples to arm themselves? Why never before? Why, then, does he tell the masses to turn the other cheek? I've got news for you: that's pacifism.

                  The apostles tell him that they have, among them, two swords--two swords for, presumably, thirteen men--and he tells them that those two are enough. He never instructs them in the use of the sword. They are not soldiers, having been previously trained. When they are confronted by armed opponents and ask for direction, Jesus doesn't authorise them to use those two swords. They are begging him for leadership and all he does is stand there, doing nothing. When one of his followers finally takes the initiative and whacks a guy, Jesus (allegedly) heals the wounded ear, then turns to his enemies and gives them a taste of his unique brand of sarcasm.

                  Jesus never tells anybody to use a sword, ever. He never told you to buy a gun, ever.

                  Rev. 17:14 doesn't grant anyone licence to carry a weapon or use violence in the here and now.

                  Rev. 19:14,15:

                  And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, whit and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: an he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness abd wrath of Almighty God.

                  If the army of Christ is comprised of the same chosen from 17:14, then they have already, previously ascended into heaven, which means that their earthly weapons were left behind. What's more, it is the power of Christ alone that destroys his enemies, not the chosen. They merely follow him.

                  The chronology of 17:14 does not allow for the chosen to be participants in the battle; otherwise, Christ's divine authority would be undermined--why would Christ need the assistance of mortal souls to do anything? The war is waged against Christ; Christ vanquishes his enemies; the followers of Christ are gathered to him.

                  The commandment from the Hebrew is: "You shall not murder from a hidden place".

                  Ultimately, though, how you choose to interpret the Bible is entirely irrelevant, because, if there was a hell, you'd be going there anyway for heresy. If you're not Catholic or Orthodox, that's your fate. It doesn't matter what you believe; it only matters what your holy book says and whether or not you are obeying it's ordinances as they are written.

                  I dropped out of Oral Roberts University after seven semesters. I was a theology major.

                  I am so far from being a Christian that I might as well have "antichrist" tattooed on my forehead.


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                    I am very comfortable with my beliefs. I find nothing incompataible with my Libertarian beliefs, nor my hobby in collecting firearms. I also find nothing incompadable with self defense, nor with defending my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I actually do consider myself "Catholic" or at lease "decaffienated" Catholic as Lutherans are usually called.

                    If you went to Oral Roberts university, I can understand your animosity towards anyone with faith.


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                      Getting back on topic;
                      The worst (anti-survival) thing I ever heard was when a young woman devoutely professed to me that she would rather see her 4 sisters and 3 brothers and 2 parents raped and murdered than touch a firearm (not in deffense of thier lives, but under any casual circumstance!). It takes something beyond politics, beyond rational belief to make a statement like that. It's the equivelant of a Jihad.
                      The road to serfdom is paved with free electric golf carts.


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                        Actually Mick, you are aware that Jesus did use violence. It was a holy wrath, but it was violence. He sat down, braided a whip and walked in and drove everyone out of the temple.

                        John 2:13-16 When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 In the temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables exchanging money. 15 So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple area, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables. 16 To those who sold doves he said, "Get these out of here! How dare you turn my Father's house into a market!"


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                          This isn't exactly anti-survivalism but it relates to the attitude of sheeple.

                          I was taking a public policy class during my undergrad. We came upon the topic of gun control. I pointed out that the only thing that truly equalizes a confrontation between a much larger man and a smaller woman is a firearm.

                          I then asked my classmate who scoffed at the idea of anyone ever "needing" a gun, "if you are alone with your young children in the house at night, and someone is banging on the doors and windows angerly demanding entry; would you rather have a gun in your hands or a butcher knife?"

                          She responded "It would be wrong to hurt the man at the door, because he may be someone who is mentally unstable or drunk or high."

                          Keep in mind that this woman had at least one child already, so the possibility of having to defend her family shouldn't have been completely foriegn to her. I reminded her that a person being unstable or drunk makes them more prone to violence, not less, and that this actually strengthens my argument, not hers. She replied it would just be wrong. It was at this point that I realized some people will just never get it. I shook my head and smiled pathetically while she gave me dirty looks for a week.
                          "Be not intimidated... nor suffer yourselves to be wheedled out of your liberties by any pretense of politeness, delicacy, or decency. These, as they are often used, are but three different names for hypocrisy, chicanery and cowardice."--John Adams


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                            ...and then there was religion. A grouping of those who wish to find an answer to the unanswerable, an explaination to the unexplained, and a reason not to do the things we are so tempted to perform.

                            Believe what you believe, and do not falter. I have faith in what I understand to be true simply because I'd hate to face the consequences of being wrong.
                            "Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions." "The things you own end up owning you"-Tyler Durden


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                              Mick, all due respect, I don't know what you are angry about but it has a lot more to do with than what you are ranting about here. We can all draw verses, in or out of context, from God's Word to support our individual beliefs. However, the fact remains that there is a Holy God and His basic plan is spelled out in His Word. No amount of belief, non-belief, anger, debate, etc., will change that. Most of the things that believers disagree on are insignificant and will soon seem foolish in the light of things to come. I am a poor excuse for a christian, but I do believe in Jesus and His ressurection and I hope that by His grace I can become a better follower. I know for me I believe that I need to get back to basics in following Christ and not be so concerned with the opinions of man.

                              Just some thoughts,
                              The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government." -- Thomas Jefferson