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when did you realize you were a survivalist

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  • when did you realize you were a survivalist

    When did you peeps realize you were a survivalist? you read an article, were in a life changing event etc etc.
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    [When did you peeps realize you were a survivalist? you read an article, were in a life changing event etc]
    I've always known....however, I realized in 1990....when I returned from Saudi Arabia.... that those in my mind...had just slammed open the door for the apocalypse and were creating the sort of conditions that are now manifesting. It was then I began mental and physical preparation for the upcoming events.
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      I've been wracking my brain on this since you posted it. The first novel I read was Dr. Doolittle when I was about 6. Always been an avid reader, have over 3K books in the house :p. Most of it is sci-fi or political stuff.

      EOTW stuff is frequently featured in sci-fi, as I'm sure you know. Have been stuffing prepper thoughts into my brain for years and didn't even know it. Y2K made both the Owl and I really THINK about it. All that stuff percolated to the top of my brain for ready use! We stocked a bunch of food for that in case stuff went south for a bit. But we expected fairly short term.

      Last summer when BO won the demoncrap primary, we knew pretty much that he would win the general election, and we knew from listening to him that he was a full-fledged Marxist. When I read about the Cloward-Piven strategy and briefed the Owl on it, we got busy. Been pouring all of our extra money into it since. We expected it to be CWII. The way BO is treating the world (alienating our allies and ignoring real threats), we are no longer sure (as someone said elsewhere here) if it'll be CWII or WWIII. We are just pretty sure there is going to be chaos, whatever the cause.
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        Well, I think when I was about 8 I tried to run away from home (ok, I was headed accross the street to live in the phone booth :p), and my wagon got full pretty fast with all the "must have's". My father wanted to know why the phone booth and I told him I had to have shelter, since I could sneak back to the house for food.
        Then I watched Swiss Family Robinson and just knew that I needed to learn more stuff that would help in the future.

        From then on, it became a nessesity as my folks got real poor, real fast, due to my mom's health. I got married and we were poor, so I cooked, grew chickens, litterally beat the bushes for berries and apples, made my own mixes and generally made sure we always had food. And I learned.
        Now, I am prepping because of where we live...rural, easily loose power, and we are here because we can see the writting on the wall as far as the economy and government. :)


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          Since birth. My dad, may dad's dad, etc etc. Family has been doing it for generations. Grew up in N Mich. always had atleast 3 months worth of food in the house. Always had extra batteries, ammo, toilet paper, paper towels, powdered milk, barrel of flour, coffee, sugar, propane, etc. etc.
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            You mean I'm a survivalist... I thought they all lived in underground bunkers and ate only MRE's.

            I suppose I have always been concerned about being prepared since I was 10 or 12 years old. I supposed Katrina brought it back to the forefront for me, since I saw what human beings were capable of. I truly believe that it is human response to whatever happens that will make things thuly bad. Floods, fires, earthquakes are easy to deal with compared to people that act like animals. Just my opinion. (And it should be yours)
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              I like this thread. We've all got our stories.
              Mine began when I married a Navy guy back in the 70's and he was a "hunter/survivalist" and that got me started with the "mindset". We hunted most of our own meat but I didn't garden until recently, past 10 years. I realized that when BO won that this country was going in to the toliet so I started really paying attention to what was going on around me. I have in the past lived off the land so to speak (after a divorce) and lived in my car all over the mountains in CA and along the coast where the fruit was so I know how to make do. But it's just been recent that I've really knuckled down to make this a lifestyle not just a hobby. I love that I have this mindset, it spills over into my life that there seems to be an urgency about things now. But I have a peace like never before. I know that I will be ready no matter what comes my way!
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                I guess I have always been a survivalist but was more interested in outdoor survival for my hunting, fishing, and trapping activities. Y2k and the big earthquake scare a few years back got me interested more but the Obimination is what has really brought me around. Just hope I'm not too late. Little at a time does add up.


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                  Flash-Back to the Cuban Missle Crises: Imagine you are 12 YO, your mom takes you shopping at the largest grocery store in town; you enter the store, it is EMPTY all the shelves are bare, everything is gone, the employees are standing around or pushing brooms. Add 2 major earthquakes, a hurricane, 2 tornados, 2 major riots and you get the idea.
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                    For me ,well lets see

                    I think I first realized it when I was 5 or so when i caught my 1st fish by hand. My dad flipped and so did I when he made me clean it.
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                      And proud of it!

                      First, I am thoroughly enjoying this thread, reading everyone's stories! Thanks Neverknow for starting it. I was a youngster (11 yo) when the Detroit riots (summer of 1967) occurred, and our home was there on Detroit's east side. I was scared sh_tless! I recall my folks discussing whether we had enough groceries in case Mom couldn't get to the local Farmer Jacks for her regular Friday shopping (in case the rioters came to our neighborhood), and remember mom checking her change purse to see if she had the coins for a gallon of milk (about 70 cents then). It made quite an impression on me. Thus, I have always been one to 'stock up' to the extent my budget would allow. It's been in the last 5-10 years however, that I've realized that the lousy politicians just aren't going to change no matter how many letters I write, or phone calls I make. I truly believe now that they're destroying our wonderful country and that there are now so many possible SHTF scenarios that could occur at any time! So, again, as budgets allow (husband retired, I'm still working), we have been making preparations, reading, learning, etc. for a few years now.


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                        And agree with Unswydd that it's now a lifestyle and not just a passing activity/hobby. I only wish I could find more like-minded people in our area!


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                          I guess it was when I was a kid. I was a military brat, then dad bought a farm in 72, I saw the movie Jerimiah Johnson and explored the woods for hours on end. I snuck into dads old foot locker and discovered his training manuals. Many bombs (which I almost blinded myself one time)and booby traps later I started backpacking, camping, Survival was a hobby? Ii guess, and then did a hitch in the Corp myself, Carolina boys are shooters. It was just a hobby? Passion? Lots of cool gear,adventures to other counties, other states. Perhaps it was when the ice storms came and everyone partied at our house because I was always ready, the house was warm, candles, hot chili, cold beer and we would play guitars all night long. Now? Now it all has became a little different I guess.
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                            When did I realize I was a survivalist?

                            Hmm, well, I remember that moment when I first saw the light, when I was coming out of my Mama's womb. My birthday!:D

                            Before I had a chance to hardly take my first breath I was yanked out by my feet and immediately physically assaulted by men in robes and masks. Oh the things they did to me! I was screaming and reaching out for mama. As I lay there later, in the incubator room, it was quite clear - from that day on I knew that life was going to be all about survival.

                            Like you I knew from childhood, as far back as I can remember I always knew that something was terribly wrong in the world, that in my lifetime something terrible would happen. I have known this deeply all my life always had the vision of true liberty, freedom, autonomy. Whatever words feels best - we all know what it IS.

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                              Come on weres the bigboys saw diesel... YES im calling your storys out:cool:
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