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"Interesting Times" Are Hitting Home for My Job!

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  • "Interesting Times" Are Hitting Home for My Job!

    Fellow Survivalists,

    Today, due to an accidental oversight at the register of my store, I have been given a "D-Day" a.k.a. Decision Day, where I have to write an essay on how I am going to avoid the infraction in the future and turn it in to my boss. After that, if there is another infraction I may be fired.

    Although I admit the oversight was possible on my part, apologized for the oversight, and offered to make amends, they claimed that I did it four times previously but was never informed about it by management...and there are at least six other managers up front where I work.

    Why no one informed me of my oversight before is a mystery to me, but anywho, for right or wrong, my job is on the line and until I can find some better line of work as a reserve 'chute, I will have to limit my time on the Forum to about once a week.

    Barring any "unforeseen circumstances," I'll check in with you each week. Meanwhile...

    Suavez qui peut! (French for "Save who you can!")
    Root, Hog, or Die!
    Watch Your Six!
    And Keep Your Powder Dry!
    "Apocalypse is by no means inevitable." --Jim Rice.

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    Oh UBO,
    I am so sorry to hear about this. I am praying that your boss will show you favor. I will also pray that something will turn around for you either there or somewhere else you can use your skills at.

    Bumping this back up.
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    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
    {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}


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      Tried to bump it up by editing but it didn't work. gotta do it this way.
      Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
      {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}