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extra activity at this site lately

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  • extra activity at this site lately

    holy crap it is 2:20 am in Denver and i counted over 62 people at this site viewing with 10 people viewing the firearm section. just a few weeks ago i can remember getting in some late night reading and there wouldent have been a 2-3 people. makes me wonder what is going on all the sudden? could it be this stupid flu? all i know is i will go through all of my stuff and make sure everything is in order the way i like it. maybe stock up on some extra food and gas mask filters if i can find any.

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    Hey Denver! I noticed a couple of days ago and posted it but it got deleted. Don't know why. There is an urgency in the air and I feel that sheepole are maybe waking up???? I hope so.
    Have a great day and I hope you find those gas masks. I don't have any but won't need any. By the time that happens I'll probably be dead anyway. That's okay, I know the end of the story. :-)
    Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
    {{unswydd-Of One Purpose}}