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    Hi slim, I'm in a neighboring town, and in the same "stages" of thought as you are... with a spouse that considers emergency preparedness "just another hobby" of mine... it's a little tough, to say the least. When you can't get the family sold on the fact that life as they know it could cease rather quickly, and the implications of, say, not having electricity for a few weeks (for starters) cannot be imagined by them, it is very difficult. I (we) are perceived as a little "obsessed". I guess this is only fair, as I perceive them as LIABILITIES, if TSHTF!!! lol (Yea, I'll still look after them, it's my job!)
    So I'm about where you are.
    I am in pretty good shape when it comes to firearms/ammo -- I am a .22 freak (but have a 9mm, just in case). I am immediately concerned with:
    1) building/organizing a more robust medical kit, complete with "how-to" literature.
    2) picking up extra canned (and similar "storable") food, as I see good deals to snag.
    3) having an increasing amout of sealed, potable water on hand.
    4) increase supply of hygiene items

    I figure you have to crawl before you can walk, so I am not so concerned with bugging out/maps/routes/plans just yet. Although they are on my mind, if I am not prepared enough to hole up in my own house for a few weeks, I won't likely do well afield, either.

    I would like to gravitate toward a more simplistic lifestyle approach, but it ain't easy with teenagers and a spouse that doesn't quite get it...

    Fight the good fight!


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      I agree with all the advice given so far. The wife and I have been at this for a short time as well. Fortunately, the wife and I grew up in the country and are no strangers to roughing it. Some of the things we have done to have extra money to buy preps are: do not buy that candy bar or soda- instead use the money to buy 1-2 cans of food. Do not take your car to a carwash- do it your self by hand- saves both on gas, money for carwash, and is a little exercise. By the way, the wife and I have lost over 35- 40 lbs by changing our purchasing habits.

      Things will start to stack up. My mother-in-law lives with us as well. She has earned her keep and enjoys sharing and teaching things from the old days. Have you thought about tutoring students at the college, maybe even putting your name in for a possible substitute for one of the evening classes? I do that from time to time.
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        When i first started putting gear together i had nothing but a few camping items laying around. now i have myself a full blown obsession. most of my money that i can spare will go to the cause in one way or another. Every time i get a little money i put it towards what i can afford. but i am good with my spending budget i will always look for the best deals and clearance items. now that i have all i could ever need and some i still buy all i can when i can.

        that being said. first thing i would do is not have so many different calibers. Ammo affordability is getting a little to much to deal with these days. plus im pretty sure i dident see a .22LR weapon in that list. in a survival situation a .22 is going to be your best friend IMO. I wouldn't worry about getting everything you need over the next few months. instead i would make a little progress each day. buy what you can afford or clearance items. i dont think you will ever be satisfied with what you have even when you have everything you originally set out to get. i have been at this for years and have more than what i set out to get and dont see myself slowing down anytime soon. I would agree with O.W. it may sound stupid to make min payments but if everything does crash in the long run you will be happy you invested that extra money in gear. firearms are a good thing to have but make sure you stock up on food first before you end up having a safe full of guns for someone to take after you have starved to death in your house.


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          This is a really great thread guys. Thanks for taking the time to advise. I am also pretty new at this and I have found that if I get $5.00 extra groceries every time I go to Walmart I have added nicely to the cuboards. I am pretty confident that the items I buy are necessary and will keep because I only buy "canned" foods. What ever is vacumn packed is considered "canned". There is something to be said for a person who is concerned for their family and I commend you Slim for being responsible and manning up to take care of those in your charge.
          I'm real fortunate that I live in the old Parsonage of the church I go to ( My daddy was the pastor there and now my brother), and there is a small food pantry that gets stocked once a month. When it comes in I box up a few things and take it directly downstairs where I have great canning cuboards with huge doors that can be locked. yes, I'd say I'm pretty fortunate.
          Your opponet got stronger today, did you?
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