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Preparedness on the Home Front

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    This is for our lurkers as well as perhaps some of our members who are still sitting on the fence about prepping. It is an older article, but still relevant for today.

    Preparedness on the Home Front
    June 30th, 2008 Tpass Staff Posted in The Slow Collapse of Society

    If you are reading this, and still thinking about getting a start preparing your home for a disaster, What are you waiting for??

    The time is almost past to start this vital activity, with the present state of the economy you may very well find that you can’t afford to take the proper steps if you wait much longer.

    FEMA came out a long time ago and told the US public that the time to prepare is now. If you have not started already, it is still not too late to get the basics together. With the current state of affairs, things can shift very rapidly.

    My family is what you would call an “upper middle class” family, and we are already finding that things are getting out of hand financially. No, this is not due to credit cards or a huge home equity loan, it is simply the rising costs of living. The prices keep on going up, when our wages aren’t! (I know I’ve said it before, but it is holding true).

    Having a stocked pantry may be one of the main things that saves your collective “bacon” pretty soon (or at least smooths some of the bumps in the road). The just in time system that the US has put together may very well be our downfall.

    One of the main reasons that we are all seeing grocery bills that are growing faster than your lawn is the fact that our “just in time” delivery system relies on the fact that goods are shipped for hundreds (if not thousands) of miles before they finally hit the shelves at the local grocery store at an economical rate just before the moment that they are needed by the consumer. Uhhh, its not so economical anymore. I have personally seen prices that have gone up 50% or more on some items in the last four months!

    “What?” you may say. Yeah, it is something that you really need to open your eyes and think about. With the rising cost of fuel, that means you are paying that much more for your food and other consumables that are trucked in from G-D knows where in the nation, if not from overseas.

    Oh, and did I mention the declining popularity of the US dollar? Banks outside the US seem to be backing away from the US dollar as a means of universal currency, and that means that the US dollar is losing purchasing power every day, and not just in the global financial circles.

    When, not if, the major oil exporters switch over the the Euro rather than the dollar its going to get a lot worse. It is important to note the fact that the Euro is a gold based currency unlike the US dollar which is now entirely faith based since leaving the gold standard many years ago. A faith no longer shared by foreign central banks who have announced recently that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) will shortly conduct an audit of the U.S. Federal Reserve (and no, it is not voluntary on our part).

    It could be that a storm is coming, or it could just be clouds on the horizon that will dissipate before reaching you. What are you going to do? Prepare for the storm, or assume that it is going to dissipate?

    An old, but proven saying: Failure to plan is planning to fail.