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Where do I start?!

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  • Where do I start?!

    Need some low cost planning to start my preps.

    I have got the wife on board so here I am.

    I live at 9000ft in the Rockies, about an hour NW of Denver.

    My most likely scenario is power loss+snowed in.

    But I want to prep for many others also.

    House is on a well.

    We have a hearth fire place that would be able to heat heat the main room of the house.

    I have the guns/ammo covered for now.

    I have a pantry with about a weeks worth of food.

    I have a 1.5 year old, and another due in September.

    I saving water in milk jugs under the house.

    Found some 55 gallon food drums for water but am worried about having it be frozen when I need it(cold up here...).

    Thanks for any advice you can offer.

    I will answer any more questions if you have em!!!

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    Start by securing at least six months worth of expenses, then stockpile durable foods and fuels.....then you can graduate to the "bunkerizing".....
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