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  • Business is good.

    Yesterday, after I had exited the shop and was standing in the parking lot, I pulled out my pack of smokes and realized I only had a few left. I drove to the beer and tobacco store I usually frequent to purchase a couple more packs.

    While looking at the prices I was astonished. I usually buy my smokes in carton form, meaning I don't have to hit the store as often, but in the past few weeks, the prices have skyrocketed. A carton of Basic Lights used to cost $51.30 after tax, now individual packs are almost $6. Marlboro's, Camel's and the like are somewhere close to $7 per pack...I was almost frustrated when I saw the price of Pall Mall's at a wimpy $3.99.

    Business sense would dictate that because Pall Mall is the cheapest, more people will purchase this particular brand, causing the demand to go up, and more sales to be produced, whereby reducing sales from larger brand companies.

    A couple days ago, my dad had to go from one store to another because the first place he stopped at (which usually has great prices) was completely OUT of Pall Mall's.

    I guess when you have an addictive substance at an affordable price, people will tend to buy your product over their usual simply to save money on cancer.
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    $7.00!!! far out man.. Jeepers. We both gotta quick, but? I complain about $3.50. My new wife is putting the squeeze on me to quit and I have too. However, this goverment thing. Tax on ciggs create a lot of cash in the general fund. The feds say that want you to quit to save health cost, live longer ect. My social security age has been moved to 68 years of age for partial, 70 for full benifit. They want me to live longer so I can work longer, but please remember to die before you collect. My sis died last year at age 50. She had paid in $76,000.00 during her life time. She recieved one disability check before her death in the amount of $650.00, was taxed 25% on that. The goverment wants you to smoke, they want you to die before you collect a penny. They just want it to appear that they want you to live forever. PF
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      I live in tax central and smoke. I DO have to quit, but I'll be doing it with my husband and not until Fall. Prices are nuts for tobacco, to the point where I might even grow some myself.