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Is it true or not?

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  • Is it true or not?

    Will HR 875 take away our rights to garden and do home canning?
    (neighbors turning in neighbors for in fear)

    Will big agri business take over food production in the country?
    (at least it's "safe" and it would work too, if it weren't for those darned home gardeners)

    Has there been a study saying there is a mental illness called "anti govenrment phobia"?
    (again, neighbors not wanting to be "tarnished" turning in neighbors who prepare)

    Is there really a new world order conspiracy?
    (nothing we, the sheeple, can do about it)

    Will there be food shortages?
    (I'll be the first sheeple raiding Wal Mart)

    Are there really FEMA camps?
    (I never liked my neighbor, he creeps me out...maybe he needs to go)

    It doesn't matter whether it's real or not. All the government needs is for sheeple to believe they are true. Panic ensues, shortages happen because of panic, and you have people out of control. What happens then? Martial Law.

    The power of the sheeple. The power of the word. A poster said that she was on the edge of a blackout situation and people came in and fought over lines at gas stations...that's panic and frustration. It can cause just what we are preparing for. So, it doesn't matter whether things are true or not, all it takes is for a "herd" of sheeple to believe it.
    We, the Patriot and the preparer, read and listen and research and learn. We keep these things in the back of our mind (whether we believe the stories or not) so we can be prepared, and we don't panic, but we know the power of panic.