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Nra rant!

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  • Nra rant!

    I just gotta tell someone about this. I been a member most of my life since age 20. I get mad at them and don't reup for a couple of years and then go back. I do always send donations when I got it even though I am not a member at the time.
    Last September 15 I went online and joined again. I was charged to my credit card on the 17th. I paid the bill at the end of the month. I started getting bombarded with them and other "affiliates" wanting me to buy stuff almost immediately. I finally called them the last week of October, after many emails about where my introduction pack was and where my American Hunter magazine was. This started many emails and phone calls. Well in December I got a gal that found my initial email under my email address for some odd reason. She said that I had put in the wrong address and all my stuff was going there. I would only recieve the remaining part of my membership and no intro stuff. I recieved three out of date magazines in a brown envelope the first week of January. Well I opologized to her and asked for my magazines and what ever was left of my membership to be sent to my right address. Well after many more emails and phone calls. Last week I finally called my state rep for them. He took down all my information and now I am waiting. Over all I have sent over 35 emails, 18 phone calls to customer service and with tomorrow being April and all. Now over the weekend, as I am trying to buy a house and land I find out that the NRA has put on my credit report that I owe them $35.00. For what? I'm asking. At least I got my membership to GOA going.
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    I understand your frustration! I belonged years ago, before computers and we were bombarded by offers from other affiliates and after three months the NRA started sending us re-up notices after only two months as a member, saying our membership due would soon be needed!)and they got firmer and harsher as the year went on. I hadn't joined since. However, given the times, last week I rejoined and I hope I don't get the same issues again. It's their last chance as far as I am concerned.


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      I make donations to the NRA but after all the problems like those above I will not join up ever again, it seemed like they sold my personal info to just about every one looking for money or trying to get me to buy things:mad:. Last time I joined I never got my member packet or magazines:confused:. Don't get me wrong they do great work but their customer service is the worst.