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  • General Observations

    Here are some general observations from my area in S.W. Tennessee:

    I had been reading reports about low stock at stores like Walmart, so I went to check it out for myself and I could not believe how WIDE the aisles are now. Normally it is hard to get around without bumping into a rack or a box or something, but now there is so much empty space. They have also quit carrying a lot of the brands I usually purchase, and Kroger has done the same.

    Dollar General STILL has Christmas and Valentine's stuff marked down to 90% off and no one is buying.

    People everywhere are talking about the economy. I met a lady at the co-op the other day who said she had just lost her job of 25 years. She was frustrated that she had been unable to find patio tomato plants.

    As others have mentioned, more people are gardening and the stock is low on plants and seed in my area. I was able to locate seed potatoes and they only had about a bushel left.

    Two separate friends of mine have put their houses on the market to try and avoid foreclosure, though no one has requested a showing.

    Two coffee shops have closed in my area, one was a Starbucks. A bakery has gone out of business. A new strip mall was built with about 10 stores, about a year ago, and only 2 stores are filled.

    Foreclosure notices have increased in the newspaper. The help wanted ads are pitiful! There used to be pages and pages of them and now there is like one-half page of ads only and those are for the usual sales positions.

    Our annual HUGE indoor craft fair was a big disappointment to the vendors. Most did not even earn back the cost of their booth.

    What have you noticed in your area?

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    More stores closing, more houses for sale and clerks at WalMart talking about their hours being cut. Oh, and more specials at chain restaurants to try to get customers.


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      I'm in Greensboro NC. Things haven't hit here as hard as some of the surrounding areas....YET. The Starbucks still seem to be doing well, and the Walmart parking lot seems to be full at most times. We are starting to hear of local job losses, and a few stores at the mall have closed. My wife works at UNCG and they have just announced that lay offs and/or furlows are in the near future. It's on the horizon for sure.
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        Things aren't too terrible around my parts yet, at least not the parts that I see. I'm a pro crafter, and sales might even be up a bit as people are not buying big ticket items and fancy electronics. Some things around here are in shorter supply...I can't find a blueberry bush to buy to save my life! lol The veggie seed isles at the stores are full of people and emptying fast, but the flowers remain.


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          I live in a small resort town on the Gulf. That said, things have been suffering since last summer, and are getting worse. Starbucks, 5 gift shops, 1 hair salon, 2 restaurants and a liquor store have closed in the past 8 months. Last week was Spring Break here, and it was pitiful. Motels had vacancies, places to eat had tables, and there wasnt nearly the trash left on the beachs(a good thing)! We only have 2 grocery stores, and shelves are always full. I do notice folks are buying more drygoods. There are plenty of help wanted signs around, but nobody here wants to, or needs to work. Fastfood, gas staions, grocery store, and the better restaurants all need help. We have 4 types of people here; business owners/decent folk who already have jobs, retirees who cant drive and dont need a job, (yet), the weekend warriors who come down to fish in thier 40k boats, and the crackhead, alcoholic, welfare collecting, baby mills who prefer to feed off the system. Housing market is at a stand still. No major price dropping yet, but very few sales. Realtors are suffering. About the only ones doing well are the fisherman. I am at the docks several times a week, and they all say things are great. Fuel price is down, and demand for seafood is always there. There are still around 40 shops in town who mainly cater to the tourists. If this summer is as bad or worse than last, things are going to be very different here. I predict we will be a ghost town come October...
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            We left Tennessee last august. I sold a business,land and a house for about 60% of what I should have got. We just kept lowering until someone bought it. But we still made money and wanted out of TN to get back to Wyoming. Things were getting bad east of Nashville people wise and crime. I see it's alot worse with layoffs and jobs not coming in like was expected. Wifes friends say there is alot of crime now.
            I remember how fast the shelves cleaned out at the grocery stores when a storm was coming. And even at walmart the shelves were never 100% full at any time.


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              We ordered our blueberries years ago from Miller Nurseries and they are great. We also have some from Lowes, if they are in your area.


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                less stuff on the shelves at walmart here in indiana.less people shoping.


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                  months ago, about 18 stores-mom and pop type- closed down in my downtown. Tons of houses for sale, many, many of them boarded up and in foreclosure.

                  Otherwise, I still don't think we've been hit hard. I think there will be lots of people having a rude awakening, when it does get bad.
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