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Learning again....about Risk..

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  • Learning again....about Risk..

    I am getting accustomed once again to a Daywalker Schedule now that i am back on day shift after so many many years on the back shift.

    One of the things I am having the most difficulty with traffic..

    Traffic seems to be 10 times worse on day shifts than the 2nd or 3rd shift.

    Also the number of people suddenly cutting in and out of lanes.....lane changing alarming. One verily has to stay on ones toes..

    When Off....I have found myself going to the grocery store .in the early hours...rather than through the day ....less crowds.

    I reckon in a manner of speaking....traffic wise....the back shifts have verily spoiled me.

    Nonetheless...I am dealing with a new Risk Factor ..once again.

    Oh...and speaking of traffic.....a sidelight of this.......more acute than before....

    I find myself getting more easily the grocery store..with these people ...mostly women...who see a friend or neighbor....and block the aisles with their carts while they real situational awareness....going on there...totally in a world of their own.
    Or....they block the aisle with their cart and walk off to get an item....blocking everyone else in the non situational awareness...I'm sitting on the only one in town...kind of thing...
    Take a second and pull over to the side and get your items....don't block everyone else out while you shop...

    It gives me that horrible stuck on a desert Island kind of thing/nightmare ...with 400 people just like this....

    I am coming to ask myself if a type of road rage is now translating over to grocery store aisle rage.????

    One of the things I used to like or prefer was grocery shopping in the middle of the night when some stores used to be open all night....and a lot of stocking up was being done.

    Fewer crowds......easier parking.

    Reckon I am just not that big of a social butterfly.

    I want to get my shopping done and go home.. know pretty much what I am going to get and get it....then come home. I have no interest in going through each and every aisle in my shopping trip.

    Or...I am getting cranky in my olde age....High Mileage..

    Not an Ishmaelite.‚Äč
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    Definitely agree about a major dislike of urban traffic. Hopefully, you're driving a 4 wheeled vehicle and not your scooter.

    Here, I live near a small town with 2 grocery stores. As Georgia has open or concealed constitutional carry, quite a few people carry a weapon. However, there really isn't much crime here. Mostly B&E of sheds for low hanging fruit.

    Here, when two people block the aisle or leave their cart in the middle as they read labels to find what they want; 9 times out of 10, they apologize. The odd one moves their cart.

    They are sheeple who live in their own little world and totally oblivious to their surroundings.

    Remember when Reagan asked Carter "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?" Carter's answer was a resounding "NO." Carter earned my respect for his honesty. OTOH, I'd bet those totally oblivious sheep would say Bidenomics works. The problem is their world is all about them while totally ignoring the nation or their fellow shoppers.

    When I lived in places where people were so rude; if they block the aisle, I would just move through.

    As there are only two grocery stores in town, we have a list and know the stores. OTOH, they are small town and nothing similar to where you shop.