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The Only Way to Defeat a Marine?

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  • The Only Way to Defeat a Marine?

    As most of this article goes well passed defeating Marines it's a good read for anyone.

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    Wow, I thought it was going to talk about crayons, TBH judged by 12 is better than carried by 6, is my motto.


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      I can't say I don't agree with you 100%. ;)


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        After 40 years of dealing with Marines both as a soldier and as a government employee, I though the fastest way to defeat a Marine was to talk fast enough that they struggle with the big words!


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          What bugs me is difficult to explain. Once I was Infantry and later, a door gunner on a Charlie model Huey gunship. Without all the support troops in any war those at the tip of the spear would have been dead meat.
          This might explain what I'm saying better than I can.
          "Logistics also bore heavily upon manpower, as less than 25 percent of the Allied troops in France belonged to combat units. For every infantryman, tanker, or artilleryman who crossed Omaha and Utah beaches, four or five other GIs backed him up: clerks, cooks, mechanics, truck drivers, doctors and nurses."

          One of the places I used to live, a neighbor stated he was transportation and RECON. Without him, Infantry would have lacked ammo, food, mail and more. He needed stand proud because without support troops; every war would have been lost to those with better support troops.


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            The weekend warriors talk tactics, the professionals discuss logistics. It's a hard fact without the logistical support, nothing moves at the tip of the spear. My last tour in AFG I was the link between the airhead, and the fwd bases.


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              Very true, logistics wins battles and wars.
              Infantry doesn't win battles without ammo, food, and proper clothing for the weather.

              Supposedly, the ratio in Vietnam was 7 to support 1 in the field.
              The first Wednesday of the month, there's a Veteran's Breakfast in town. It is one of the few groups where everyone is honest about what they did in the Military.

              One of the group is 99 years old and he was at Normandy. Mentally, he is as sharp as tack and physically as nimble as people many decades his juniors. He and other WWII Veterans were flown to Normandy for the June 6th anniversary.